Modern Advances in the Search for a Cancer Cure

Genetics is one of the most exciting fields in relation to modern health advances. The Merriam Webster Dictionary definition of genetics is “1: a branch of biology that deals with the heredity and variation of organs and 2: the genetic makeup and phenomena of an organism, type, group or condition”.

A late 19th-century scientist, named Gregor Mendel discovered and is responsible for the development of genetic identification process and named it ‘trait inheritance patterns’. This was done by studying pea plants and observing inherited characteristics. Common terms used in genetic studies are ‘genes’ and ‘DNA’. The term ‘genetics’ was first used by Imre Festetics, a Hungarian nobleman.

Genetic studies and experiments have led to a large number of advances in the medical arena regarding various diseases. One of the companies well known in this field is Seattle Genetics, which was founded in 1998 and is currently working on “…antibody-drug conjugates for the treatment of cancer”. Basically, this involves directing antibody-drug conjugates (ABCs) to attack cancer cells.

Dr. Clay Siegall is the company’s current CEO and chairman of the board working since its inception in 1998. Under his guidance, the company has produced over $675 million with its capital raising activities in the biotechnology field. Its current headquarters are located in Bothell, Washington. Currently the company is working on two pipeline programs, SGN-CD33A and SGN-CD19A, which will be combined with R-ICE chemotherapy for cancer treatment.

Dr. Siegall has an interesting history. He has held the company’s CEO position for the past 18 years and has extensive training both in education and in his former employment. Prior to Seattle Genetics, he worked with such firms as Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, the National Institute of Health and the National Cancer Institute. He is currently serving as director of a number of private companies.

Seattle Genetics is proud of its team who shares ideas and skills with a passion for helping patients who have cancer. As a result, they exhibit honesty, respect and trust while using all means available to obtain a breakthrough in eliminating this dreadful disease.

The Need to Speak on Mental Health

Lawmakers in Texas Need to Discuss the Workforce’s Mental Health

All forms of health are important to a person’s well being, be it physical, mental, spiritual or emotional.

Sometimes, however, mental health can be taken for granted and not as well appreciated as other forms of bodily health. The state of Texas may have fallen victim to this because there is a serious shortage of mental health workers in the state. To be more specific, last year there were 185 Texas counties out of 254 that lacked a single psychiatrist, meaning three million Texans had no psychiatrist on standby when they needed one.

It gets worse when the fact that 40 counties did not have a licensed clinical social worker available, and this isn’t a new thing, either. The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health issued a report about five years ago detailing how there was a serious shortage of mental health aides in Texas and at this point it’s become a reality rather than a mere crisis.

Before even figuring out how to tackle the issue, it should be made known that the economic value of having good mental health services is related to the avoided costs of hospital admissions and involvement in the justice system. However, efficient mental health services can improve the overall workplace and cut down on lost work days. A good way to reform this is to look at the fact that having improved and integrated health care will fix the issue since most adults with mental health issues also have physical ones.

Another way to correct the problem is increasing reimbursement rates on practicing health facilities to customers with Medicaid.

Positive thoughts for Insomniacs

Long nights sleep is what everyone would love, especially from long hard days’ of work. It’s so easy for some to just lay down either on the sofa, floor mat or bed and just close their eyes to go to sleep. But, for others it’s not as easy as it seems. It’s hard for most to just close their eyes without the motion of their minds racing through the past or even the future. If the promise of sleep does happen, their eyes continue to race until they once again wake up, not able to get into their first dream, staying in Stages 1 & 2.
Insomnia is a big problem and it is affecting a lot of people today. We live in a high stressed world in which being on social media is a huge part of our lives. When we see the term TNS (Team No Sleep) on our social network, we wonder what can be the cause of it and is there a way to finally get a good six hours of sleep? Insomnia happens when the person either takes a long time to fall asleep, and if so once they fall asleep to stay asleep. Or they get no sleep passing over 4 weeks.
There are lots of therapies for insomniacs, which all costs a pretty penny depending on which therapy they are looking for. . Negativity will make anyone lose sleep, and not sleeping for weeks will make negativity and depression kick in. There is a positive feedback with this new therapy, it works with a consultant to understand the sleep patterns and then scheduling a bedtime routine, thinking positive thoughts until the insomniac finally is relaxed enough to go to sleep.

Protect Your Colon With A Dherbs Cleanse


It may come as a shock to learn that a healthy colon will release toxins through bowel movements one to three times per day. writes that a build up of toxins in the bloodstream can result without this type of regularity. Dherbs Cleanse uses a mixture of herbs and minerals that are often missing from the diet for internal repair of the colon, digestive tract and bowels.


You may recognize some of the ingredients of Dherbs as essential ingredients needed for a healthy body.



  • Flaxseed
  • Slippery Elm Bark
  • Black Walnut Hull
  • Psyllium Husk
  • Aloe Vera


These are just a few of the natural herbs that create the right atmosphere for toxins to be urged to leave the body. Bowel movements are a natural act that we take for granted until constipation is experienced. This is your body’s warning that toxins have moved in and are ready to attack the bloodstream and the lymphatic system.


Don’t wait for organs to be at risk. In fact, you may not realize just how sluggish your system has become. Dherbs is a leader in creating the right balance of herbs to promote your own inner intelligence for healing and regulating the body. Clients have reported a decrease in blood pressure, better rest and loads of energy by keeping their body regulated and maintained with Dherbs Cleanse. supplies the information and the products needed to bring your body and mind in line with nature. When this alliance is made, good health and well being are possible to achieve.  Check them out on social media, but also stay informed and read some real reviews for yourself.

Smoothies Narrowly Defeat Fruit Juices As A Top Choice

Smoothies are wildly popular among fitness fans. A good smoothie can be great prior to a workout and an excellent recovery option after a hard, strenuous session in the gym. Classic fruit juices are still popular leading many to wonder if a smoothie is better than juices or vice versa. The answer really depends on why someone is reaching for a beverage and what his/her goals are. In general, however, a smoothies is the better option.

A juice is okay is a person wants a simple beverage and a reliable source of carbohydrates. Fruit juices are going to be loaded with carbs along with vitamins and other nutrients. Smoothies, however, can do the same thing while providing a full meal replacement. Also, certain smoothies could be made without many carbohydrates. Peanut butter, ice, and unsweetened almond milk won’t have many carbs. A glass of cranberry juice, however, is going to have a significant amount of them. For those wanting to avoid a blood sugar spike, juices are certainly worth avoiding.

Fruit, of course, could be selected as an ingredient in smoothies. Bananas, blueberries, strawberries and more are perfect for tossing into the blender with yogurt, soy milk, protein powder, and more. These are the real deal. That is, they are actual fruit and not just extracted juice. All the nutrients are kept in the smoothie along with the fruit pulp. The pulp should fill the stomach and keep someone from being hungry afterwards. A fruit beverage, while valuable in some ways, is just a liquid. A lot of calories come with nothing to fill the stomach. As such, no meal ends up being replaced.

Re-purposing Tips To Make Senior Citizens’ Lives Better

People live much longer and happier lives than they did in previous generations. When these same people stay active and engaged, they can remain in good health as well. It’s tough to get old, but it can be done gracefully. There are tools and tricks that are guaranteed to make life a bit easier.

Barbara Beskind, a former Army Occupational Therapist, has come up with some ingenious ideas to cope better in the physical world. For people with vision problems, she recommends that a Lazy Susan is used in the refrigerator in cases where it is difficult to see what’s in the back. Also, Beskind put small bumps on her phone to distinguish the answer button. reports that Beskind has worked at Ideo as a designer since 2014. She is 92 years old and she knows first-hand what works and what doesn’t. Younger designers don’t have that advantage.

Instead of buying fancy expensive gadgets, creativity is encouraged in inventing the best re-purpose. The goal is to keep the costs down by using simple everyday objects found in the home. These items are re-purposed. For example, seniors can put a bar of soap inside a nylon stocking. This can be hung in the shower. The soap doesn’t have to be picked up from the floor, it won’t be stepped on, and it provides exfoliation for the skin.

Rubber bands can be put around cups to make them easier to grip. Medications can be easily organized in a shoebox. Drugs and dosages can be tracked in a small notebook that fits into the shoebox. The whole shebang can be transported to a doctor’s appointment. Many of these tricks are simply common sense.

Fabletics’ athleisure secrets to be active and chic at the same time

Mehera Bonner reports for Marie Claire Magazine some of Kate Hudson’s secrets to look fabulous in an athleisure look at night. Kate Hudson, co-founder of Fabletics, spoke to about how girls can rock a very comfortable and super chic athleisure dresses at night that are available in their stores since April 1st, plus she reveals her new line of swimsuits that hit shelves mid-April.

Hudson expresses that incorporating athleisure dresses into Fabletics was a natural progression on, the idea started because she wanted active girls to go out in a casual and comfy dress instead of an uncomfortable little black dress. Fabletics has an athleisure line that is accessible for girls to go out on dates, to the office or out for dinner. The idea is that the line will be adequate for any occasion. She does explain that athleisure line uses the same performance materials as they use for the active wear line, this will help girls be active and have a more mobile experience. At an affordable price, the athleisure line of Fabletics has created dresses that are able to tuck everything in without any effort and with no Spanx required, they even have built in bras such as the Tropez dress that will make the most comfortable experience.

Kate Hudson demonstrates with their swimsuit line that they want all girls to express their sexiness and femininity without feeling overexposed or uncomfortable. This is why they have created a line that you can be active and comfy at the same time. Fabletics motivates girls to keep fit, healthy and active at an affordable price with good quality materials.

About Fabletics

Fabletics is an online subscription retailer, that focuses in selling women’s sportswear, athleisure, swimwear and accessories. Fabletics was founded in 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Kate Hudson and Don Ressler and offers its members personalized outfits that will be based on its their preferences and lifestyle which are revealed by taking a detailed survey online. Fabletics is a subsidiary of JustFab Inc. that started after realizing that there was a gap in the active wear marketplace, the company offers a stylish on, high quality and accessible clothes that promotes a healthy life style and comfort. Fabletics’ mission is the creation of clothing that inspires to stay active and foster a community under the mantra of “Live Your Passion” every day.

In 2015, Fabletics opened its first retail stores in The Mall in Columbia, Bridgewater Commons in New Jersey, Kenwood Towne Centre in Cincinnati, Christiana Mall in Newark, St Louis Galleria in St. Louis and The Village in Woodland Hills, and it is expected to open around 75 to 100 more Fabletics stores in 2016. 

Darius Fisher’s Role in Online Reputation Management

Darius Fisher has emerged as the go-to person for corporate executives and individuals facing digital reputation crises. His firm, Status Labs is based in Austin, Texas and offers marketing, online reputation management and PR services to individuals and business entities. Despite the fact that it is relatively new having been formed just four years ago, it has grown quite rapidly. At the moment, it has 30 full time employees besides opening an office in New York and launching operations in Brazil.

Most of the clients served by Status Labs are public figures, political leaders, business executives and sportsmen. These personalities are given a second chance to reclaim their standing after it gets tarnished either through their careless actions or the actions of others. With over 1,500 clients spread across 35 countries in all continents, the firm has created a name for itself as far as reputation management is concerned. It also helps clients’ search engine results to improve through an effective online advertising and public relations strategy. This helps improve sales by a notable margin. As more companies join the digital bandwagon, Status Labs is positioning itself to reach greater heights.

Darius Fisher’s Résumé

The Vanderbilt University graduate co-founded Status Labs and acts as its president. He had an impeccable career as a copywriter and advisor on political affairs. During both stints, he distinguished himself for his impressive work especially in copywriting, which made him one of the most sought after in the United States. He was inspired to start Status Labs after noticing that the firms that used to contract him were struggling to restore their reputations whenever they were faced with scandals.

Fisher has been in charge of the firm’s business development. Under his leadership, it has registered impressive growth and extent to many frontlines. He has also been on the forefront advocating partnerships with like-minded firms to increase customer satisfaction. This has been pivotal in increasing the company’s relevance in the competitive world of public relations. In recognition for his impressive work, one of the leading financial magazines, Forbes recently named him among the most prominent young business executives. This is a prestigious honor, which is bound to increase his reputation more.

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CEO Shah Rocks Autism And Financial World

Sanjay Shah, philanthropist and CEO of Solo Capital, started modestly in medicine. He found his true calling in the investment and accounting world. His successful story began with opportunities at Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse just to name a few. Branching off into his own venture, he created the brokerage company, Solo Capital. Solo Capital is an international financial boutique that services many different services, which is located in London, England. Services include proprietary trading, consulting and professional sports investments. The experienced team that surrounds Sanjay Shah stays ahead of the trends to keep on top and be a premier financial boutique worldwide.

Shah gives back in a tremendous way and created Autism Rocks, an organization that holds concerts to raise awareness and funds for Autism. It’s a subject that is close to Sanjay Shah because his son was diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder in 2011 at the young age of 4. This is when Shah has a thought that he can raise money by bringing people together with an artist to raise awareness for thousands of fans. The first concert for Autism Rocks was in 2014 with Prince. Five years on from creating Solo Capital, he has a net worth of nearly 300 million dollars. He’s now got time to spend on organizations like Autism Rocks which gives him and his family a break from work to fulfill a greater need. With his connections in the music business, he now has the influence to have friends and partners give funds to organizations that mean a lot to Sanjay Shah, as well as millions of others. Expect a compilation of Autism Rocks tracks to come out in the following year which is a great way to contribute for those who can’t attend concerts.

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Austin Doctor Has Everything And More

Doctor Jennifer Walden, a Texas native, has been named one of the United State’s top twenty-four plastic surgeons by Harper’s Bazar in their previous issue. Dr. Walden has exceeded expectations of what a successful doctor should look like, in fact she seems to have everything anyone could ever want. She’s been described as assertive and powerful but entirely inviting and warm. Whether she’s running her operating room, her service, or her two twin boys she’s got a firm grip on her priorities and exudes a confidence within herself and her abilities. Her bedside manner has been regarded as one of the best and her ability to ease her patients has created a revolving door of people from all over the country flying to Texas to seek her surgical skills.
Walden grew up in Texas with five siblings in a household that firmly believed goals and education were extremely valuable. Walden says she’s inspired daily by the success of her parents and siblings who have excelled in their own fields of work. Even with a constant juggle of two children whom she had through in-vitro fertilization, running her private practice, and just being a grounded woman she has managed to accomplish so much more than just a prestigious title. She’s had multiple medical papers published in medical journals regarding the research and development of aesthetic surgery.
After graduating from the University of Texas Medical Branch Dr. Walden resumed her medical education in Texas until she was offered a distinguished fellowship in Manhattan. Under the direct supervision of renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston Walden completed her fellowship and remained in New York. She opened up her own private practice on the Upper East Side for nearly eight years until her twin sons were born. Packing up everything and starting anew she headed back to Texas and re-opened her practice in Westlake. In the last three years Walden’s practice has expanded quicker than she thought, and she couldn’t be more ecstatic about it. Walden is also one of the only women appointed to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


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