The Reality of the Mental Health Crisis in America

Most people think about physical health when they consider health in general, and this makes sense. But it’s important to remember that our mental health is a large part of our overall well-being as well. Fortunately, an increasing number of people and agencies are realizing that looking at mental health is vital, and we are also collectively realizing that this area of well being often goes by the wayside.


The Realities of Mental Health in America


First, let’s start by saying that more than a fifth of Americans have some sort of mental health disorder at any given time during the year. Mental health disorders run the gamut from smaller, livable conditions, such as occasional depression or anxiety to serious, debilitating issues such as bipolar disorder.


Research in all areas of mental health are improving, and that’s the good news. The bad news starts with the fact that suicide rates have been creeping up in recent years. In the last 20 years, for example, suicide rates in young girls and teens have nearly doubled. This is a public health issue that must be addressed, and because it’s happening in such young people, the issue truly needs to be looked at for elementary kids, middle school students and high school students in addition to adults.


Another thing to be noted about mental health these days is that fact that mental health is expensive. For the whole of the nation, we spent over 200 billion dollars on mental health disorders in one recent year alone.


Finally, likely the biggest issue surrounding mental health right now is how much attention is paid to it where doctors and general health care are concerned. General practitioners do not tend to focus on mental health care even though they should. They may ask questions pertaining to overall mood, but the serious questions are rarely asked, and when patients do bring up something like depression or severe anxiety, the response from doctors is usually quick and fleeting, and the solutions are glossed over or vague.


On the individual level, we all should be sure to take a hard look at our own mental health and be our own best advocates.

Reasons Why We All Fall for Fall

Every time I say that fall is my favorite season, I get the reply, “Me, too!” Apparently, if there were a season popularity contest, fall would come out on top. Now experts are exploring the reasons behind our strong pumpkin-time preference.


Dartmouth college sociology professor Kathryn Lively says it’s because when we’re children, we learn to associate fall with pleasant things. First, there’s the excitement of starting a new school year along with new clothes and supplies. We get to see the friends we haven’t seen all summer. Then there’s Halloween candy, pumpkin pie and playing in the leaves. So when we see the orange and russet beauty of the season as adults, we re-connect with all these happy memories.


Because of this, fall becomes a temporal landmark. Temporal landmarks are important times such as birthdays, holidays or seasons. A research paper published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in 2013 says that, just as physical landmarks help us structure our perception of space, temporal landmarks help us structure our perception of time by dividing it into “chunks”


These temporal landmarks tend to motivate us to improve ourselves. One of the best examples of this is making New Year’s resolutions. Another example is that the crisp fall weather may inspire you to learn to make an apple pie from scratch. You may even go back to school as an adult. Taking advantage of temporal landmarks hearkens back to our early days in school when each new school year was a fresh start. Keeping possibilities for change and improvement open gives meaning to our lives.


Besides, fall is just plain fun. We have family holidays like Thanksgiving and Rosh Hashannah, and we have the silliness of Halloween. For sports fans, there’s football and the World Series. Fall is also cozy. Sweltering summer is gone; we embrace warm comfort foods like stew and get out the favorite sweaters and blankets. Not only that, but I think fall came out first in the latest presidential race poll.

Singer Kesha’s Court Battle with Dr Luke Over Medical Records

In her long-running sexual assault legal battle with Dr. Luke, singer Kesha may be compelled to release her private medical reports that run into over 900 pages. Kesha Rose Sebert is seeking to prevent Dr. Luke, whose legal full name is Lukasz Gottwald from making public these medical records.


The attorneys defending Kesha are suggesting that Dr. Luke’s only intent is using the medical records to waste her resources and in embarrassing her. The order request from Kesha comes after the legal team working for Dr. Luke refused to keep the 913 pages of Kesha’s psychiatric, rehabilitation and gynecological medical records confidential.


The defense team for Dr. Luke has made clear their position. In their opinion, it is the Court that should decide if the medical information on the singer ought to remain confidential and not her lawyers, especially following her public disclosures.


Kesha’s Defense Argument


In a request to a judge in New York, Kesha seeks to have a protective order issued that will keep her medical files private.


Through her attorney, James Pearl, the appeal states that she now fears that Lukasz Gottwald is seeking to disseminate and disclose her personal medical records in order to harass and embarrass her. The personal medical reports cover her gynecological, psychiatric, and rehab records over a period that goes back 10 years and she is worried that they could stand at risk of becoming ‘public fodder’.


The Kesha defense team asserts that the restrictive motion is purely protective. Dr. Luke obtained Kesha’s medical records in efforts to disprove her allegations on emotional and sexual abuse. Following the amount of public attention garnered by the lawsuit, it’s natural that she will want to ensure that her medical privacy is upheld.


The sexual assault legal battle against Dr. Luke began two years ago, when the singer filed a lawsuit against the music producer alleging that at only age 18, he convinced her to drop out of high school, only to manipulate and abuse her throughout her singing career. She has also sought to have her contract that ties her to Dr. Luke and Sony Music terminated. A protective order motion hearing has been scheduled to be heard on Wednesday, 26th October.

Products to Use for a Healthy Skin

Prolonged exposures of the sun, lack of some nutrients in the body, environment pollution, medical condition, prolonged use of chemical cosmetics and poor lifestyle are some of the major contributors of delicate skin. In most cases, unhealthy skin is likely to be dark, dull or with an uneven skin tone. Most people use skin-lightening products in the market, which are unsafe to their skin health. Sometimes using these skin-lightening products can cause many skin problems than the pre-existing ones. Here are some remedies to help you treat your skin without side effects.


Yogurt contains vitamins that are vital for skin health. It also contains lactic acid, which can bleach the skin. You can use a mixture of yogurt, oat food and lemon juice on your face for a healthy and lightened skin. Daily use of the combination is recommended for it be effective.


Oranges can also be used in skin bleaching, they contain vitamin C which is needed for healthy skin, applying a mixture of orange juice and turmeric daily and washing it off after 30 minutes will help you get a less dark and healthy skin.


Honey is one of the best-known remedies for skin problems. By applying it daily on your face and removing it using warm water after a couple of minutes will help achieve stunning results. You can also create a facial mask for good skin health and balance skin complexion. The mask can be made by mixing honey with lemon juice and turmeric powder. This will help you bleach your skin and improve its health condition.

Caviar Clarifying Glycerin

This is one the Makari products that help one to reduce black spots on the skin contains ingredients that makes the skin seem younger and healthy. The product is clinically proven and has worked well with lots of people who have used it.

Makari is a Switzerland-based Skin Care products manufacturing company. Makari products are made using natural ingredients to ensure that they are efficient and no adverse side effects arise after using them. For the period the brand has been on the market, it is received a positive response from their customers after using their products.

What Can the Government Do to Help Americans Consume Less Sugar?

It’s a well known fact that obesity in America is on the rise, but what can be done on a large scale? Individually and even in specific townships and localities, Americans are definitely trying to lose weight and become healthier. But perhaps a larger change needs to occur, and this may mean that the government needs to get involved.


Many people fear the nanny state situation in which the government has its hands in the personal matters of its free citizens. This is the main argument against any federal or state laws that could help motivate citizens to become healthier. But the alternative is letting the masses become overweight and obese, which causes serious problems on individual, familial, communal and national levels.


One of the biggest problems with widespread obesity is that it causes healthcare costs to skyrocket. Many people who are overweight and obese struggle with parallel health issues, such as high blood pressure and certain types of cancers. In turn, this causes these individuals to need extra medical care and more time away from work. All of us carry this burden.


Research also shows that many people who are severely overweight and obese tend to have mental health woes, including chronic depression.


Let the Government Step In


It is possible for the government to step in where obesity and health issues are concerned. First of all, when the government gets involved, it’s something that is forced upon the citizens, and it can motivate everyone in a way that cannot be self-induced. One suggestion in this arena is a soda tax.


Soda taxes would put an added percentage onto each can, bottle or glass of soda sold in the United States. Just like taxes on alcohol and cigarettes, this tax would ideally deter citizens from purchasing too many sugary drinks. In turn, the taxes that were reaped from this legislation would be used to help curb overweight, obesity and general unhealthy living in the United States.


The decision has not been made on whether this legislation has gone forth, but some cities and states are trying to initiate it.

F.D.A. Warns Against Homeopathic Teething Gels

New parents have many things to worry about. That’s because they are now experiencing a whole new world which revolves mainly around one tiny baby. There’s a whole list of things that parents should and shouldn’t do. Unfortunately, some of those things aren’t so obvious. Babies will go through all sorts of changes their first year and experience all new things, sometimes things that aren’t pleasant. One of those is teething. When a baby’s teeth start coming in, they will fuss and cry because it’s uncomfortable and kind of painful. Most parents will reach for things such as homeopathic teething gels because it helps alleviate the pain. The F.D.A. is now warning against that.


According to the NY Times, the F.D.A. is saying that parents should throw away any of those tablets and gels because they pose health risks to infants and children. These are products such as the CVS Brand, Hylands, and other ones available online and in drug stores.


The F.D.A. is currently looking into this because seizures and lethargy have been reported in children and in infants. A spokesperson says they are currently investigating the issue and manufacturers of these products are cooperating. This isn’t the first time that Hyland’s has dealt with an F.D.A. warning. In 2010, their products had inconsistent amounts of belladonna. They were able to revamp their formula and start selling their teething tablets again. It appears that after this latest investigation, they will have to do the same thing. The F.D.A. hasn’t said what component is harmful in these gels and tablets so we’ll just have to wait and see.


In the meantime, parents can seek all natural remedies for teething babies and toddlers. There are certain home remedies out there that help as well as something called a teething necklace. Overall, a parent should do what they feel comfortable doing when it comes to their child. If a child is extra fussy, there are teething toys out there that will help alleviate the pain. Otherwise, there are many small things that parents can do to make sure their child is comfortable during the rough patch of teething.

Hope for Cancer Patients – Seattle Genetics

A healthy lifestyle is important, although sometimes we can not prevent illness and diseases. Seattle Genetics is a cancer drug company that has been growing at very fast rate. Recently it has been on the move to enlarge its drug pipeline, getting on its hiring spree, as well as widening the use of its first drug.

The company is very ambitious and is doing all it can to make it a center of cancer research. Seattle has a commercialized drug known as Adcetris it is in an effort of trying it out in more cancer treatment. Currently, the drug is being tested in more than 70 trials against various types of lymphomas cancer as mentioned by the company’s CEO Clay Siegell. It has been mainly carrying out a clinical trial on phrase 3 or advanced for diagnosed Hodgkin Lymphomas treatment. Mr. Siegall said that the results of the test would have a great impact on the company compared to other trials that were done previously.

The Adcetris drug that is mainly used for Lymphomas treatment racked up 226 million dollars in U.S.A and Canadian sales last year. The company is predicting an increase in their sales this year from 255 to 275 million Dollars. The company has partnered with Tekada Pharmaceutical which has been selling the drugs outside the United States.

Adcetris is just one of the many drugs that Seattle Genetics manufactures. Currently, it is producing 12 drugs excluding Adcetris. It is planning to get another drug for phase 3 clinical trial this year which will be used to treat Myeliod Leukemia. Seattle is dedicated to cancer treatment and it a drug for bladder and breast cancer. To be able to serve its customers better the company is adding its employees and is planning to hire about 100 workers in the U.S.A and 20 Switzerland to add to its 800 employees.
Clay Siegell is the co-founder and the president of Seattle Genetics Company that was founded in 1998. Clay is also the CEO and the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Before co-founding Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay was working at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute from 1991 to 1997 and the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health from 1988 to 1991. He is a Ph.D. holder in Genetics from George Washington University and B.S in Zoology from the University of Maryland. He serves on the Board of Directors on Alder Biopharmaceuticals.

Learning More About the Kabbalah Centre

Having a spiritual experience and being around people who share the same experience and beliefs as you can be difficult in this day and age. This is why so many people have been choosing to go to the Kabbalah Centre. The Kabbalah Centre is one of the best spiritual centres in the country with thousands of members who make it their home away from home every single day. There are a variety of things that you would want to know about this amazing Centre before you choose to visit it for yourself.

One of the first things that you will want to know about Kabbalah Centre is that they have a variety of different events and functions that go on each and every month. What this allows for members is to keep in touch with the centre and to know that they are also around people who share their same beliefs. In general, it enables people to mingle with those with whom they can truly connect with on a spiritual basis. More and more people are realizing that this amazing Centre is great for them and their loved ones and so they are becoming a member just as many people have in the past.

If you would like to learn more about Kabbalah Centre and see if you can become a member, you will want to visit the website to see what they have available. You can either go to one of its routine functions or you can even go to an event so that you can learn more about this amazing place and see if it is right for you and your own spiritual needs. You can also find Kabbalah Centre on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and this allows you to mingle with people who are already part of the facility and would like to learn more about people looking to join. Becoming a member of the Kabbalah Centre is easy and quick and you will find that this is one of the best ways for you to expand your spiritual knowledge without having any problems in the meantime.

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Steve Murray: A Good Man Gone Too Soon

When businessman Stephen “Steve” Murray passed away at 52 last year, the world didn’t just lose one of the most skilled investors, it also lost one of the most caring individuals you could ever meet in your lifetime. Stephen Murray was the former president and CEO of CCMP Capital. On the outside looking in it’s easy to see how a person might assume Murray was just another greedy rich guy who didn’t care about the less fortunate on Bloomberg, but in reality, Murray was just as much about treating people fairly as he was about his career as a private equity investor.

Stephen Murray received his degree in economics in 1984 from Boston College. He then went on to attend Columbia Business School 5 years later, where he received his master’s degree in business administration.

Murray began his career at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. The corporation accepted Murray to be part of its credit analysis training program. A few years later he joined CCMP Capital, though it was not yet called that. Murray was with the company for well over two decades, despite all the major and sudden changes in ownership that seemed to happen every few years. CCMP eventually became a stand alone firm with Murray as its head in 2006. Just a year later he was appointed CEO of the company.

Murray has had a colorful career without question, yet he always seems to keep his cool and composure. It could’ve been easy for him to just jump off the ship of CCMP Capital and work elsewhere but that’s just not his personality.

Murray did a lot of work as a philanthropist while he was alive that went unnoticed at times. Stephen Murray was an avid supporter of organizations like the Make A Wish Foundation. In fact, Murray was a member of the chairman’s council of the foundation. He also was a strong supporter of the food banks in his community, as well as an important member of Boston College’s board of trustees.

Steve Murray was definitely taken from the world too soon. His legacy will live on through his wife and four sons.

Affordable and Comfortable Active Wear

Yoga pants have become very popular in the world. The wellness and healthy industry is booming, and more people are starting to embrace healthy living styles. Experts say that the athletic apparel market is rising significantly, and by 2020, it will be more than 100 billion. These numbers prove that athleisure has gone beyond just a clothing trend on At the moment, it is a lifestyle. More people are now trading their favorite t-shirts and jeans for the hoodies and yoga pants. Experts say that these items add flexibility, especially when an individual is on a busy schedule, and they project a feeling of athleticism, even when a person is not going to the gym.

In 2013, Fabletics launched a brand new active wear that has been received well in the United States. The company uses an e-commerce business model, and they provide stylish athletic wear at a reasonable price. Compared to the other competitors, the company’s prices are very affordable. One of the co-founders of the institution is Kate Hudson, and her fame plays a critical role in marketing the products.

Fabletics is actually part of the brand known as JustFab. The subscription e-commerce brand was founded several years ago by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The brand has been very successful, generating over five hundred million in revenue. Although the brand is not even two years old, it has changed the fashion industry completely.

Don Ressler is the CEO of the fashion brand, and he has done a lot to ensure that the company succeeds in its activities. Don Ressler can spot the best trends and at the end of the day evolve them to become the leading brands in the market. Ressler has always been passionate about fashion and fitness. In a recent interview, Ressler said that he and his wife Ginger were active in sports for many years, and the lack of comfortable active wear made them realize the gap in the market. There were some great shirts and pants on the market, but they were not fashion forward as Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg expected. The worst part was that the prices were too high for the businessman.

He partnered with his longtime friend and mapped out the business. The two discovered that there was a lot of potentials. Don Ressler realized that most people were living their lives in comfortable clothes, and they wanted to look good while wearing them. The consumers would also pay a reasonable amount for the clothes.