Find love this Valentine ’s Day with Skout

Skout is the up and coming dating app, which is cropping up more and more across the country. It is a location-based system, finding potential date partners based upon where you are located at any given point in time. Users are able to sift through the profiles of others, viewing similar interests, as well as recent activities. Users are also able to send and receive direct messages, as well as virtual gifts.

One aspect that differentiates Skout from other dating apps, is the separation of adults and teens. The app is segregated into two communities, one of which is for adults, and the other is for teens. This feature is enabled to create a safe environment for everyone. Many have turned to Skout in favor of other dating apps simply because of its drive for a safe community.

Skout began in the year 2007 as a website dedicated to general social networking. Christian Wiklund is the company’s chief executive officer, and Niklas Lindstrom is the Chief Technology Officer, both of whom decided that Skout should become a platform solely for dating. The majority of the users between 2007 and 2009 had been using it as such, so the commanding officers made the change and re-introduced Skout as a dating app throughout 2009 and 2010. After this change, Skout became much more successful, bringing in over $22 million from investors.

Another feature was added to Skout in 2013, in which people are able to meet one another while traveling in different places. This feature is currently an extra add-on feature for which one must pay an additional fee. Another new feature that Skout has introduced is called “Shake to Chat”, in which one simply shakes their phone, and will be connected to a person who is also shaking their phone at that time. This fun feature allows people to meet people and see profiles that they otherwise might not see.

Skout has launched a secondary app entitled “Fuse”, which allows people in select cities to locate nightlife happenings, and even buy tickets. Fuse pairs nicely with Skout, as one helps you find a date, and the other helps you find a date to go on.

As of 2015, Skout has more than 10 million users. It is becoming a strong force in the world of social dating and networking, and may soon become tough competition for similar apps and sites such as Tinder and OKCupid. Skout ranked number 10 in the list of in-app ad requests, and is projected to become even more successful in 2016. With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, the app could see a significant boost in sales within the first quarter of the year.

Ultimately, people are spending more and more time on Skout, and more and more people are joining the community each and every day. Due to its genuine concern about safety, and its capability of matching potential partners by location, the app is bound to grow successfully in upcoming months and years.

Nurse Walks Two Miles in a Blizzard to Be With Her Patients

This story is one of dedication and inspiration. It is stories like this that give us hope and make us proud to be part of the human race. One woman went out of her way and put herself at risk to help others. A 31-year-old nurse, Chantelle Dibate, recently walked two miles in a blizzard to be with her patients at Hebrew Home, which is a nursing home.

She knew it was not likely anyone else – not even Jon Urbana, perhaps the most well-known outdoor advocate (just read that Bloomberg article and you’ll see) – would make it into work that day, and she couldn’t just look the other way while her patients needed help. As a result, she put herself in danger to ensure the safety of those who depended on her. When she arrived at work, her suspensions were confirmed. None of the other nurses had made it to work. She was the only nurse who reported for work that shift.

Conditions on the roads had not improved much by the end of her shift. The roads still posed a danger to anyone who drove on them. So, Dibate went above the call of duty once again and worked a double shift. She had already done her part, but she wanted to do everything she could to help those who needed her.

Dibate was not looking for attention or recognition. She was asked about that day and her motivation to report to work. Her answer was simple and heartwarming. She responded by saying “We all need each other. I treat my patients well because I treat them like family.”

Dr. Jennifer Walden A Top Texas Doctor

People are always looking for good doctors to help them with a variety of issues in the plastic surgery field. They may be looking for various ways to improve the way that they look. Since plastic surgery can make a person’s life improve dramatically, they want to make sure that they get the best doctor possible to complete the processes that they would like to have done.

One of the best Texas doctors is Jennifer Walden. She is extremely talented and experienced in her field. With her excellent education she has completed a variety of procedures on her clients which recommend her all the time to people that they know whom are looking for a good plastic surgeon.

Her education is tremendous, which allows her to complete high levels of plastic surgery on various individuals. Since this is what makes her very trusted in the field, her clientele range from all different ages.

She is from the Austin, Texas area. Her family was very large and were supportive of her doing as much as she could to excel in her field and in her life. With a family backing her in so many ways, she felt the need to push forward in many aspects of her life.

At one time, Dr. Walden moved to the Manhattan, NY area. During the eight years that she stayed and worked there, she developed an international clientele that appreciated all that she could do. Since loved and did well in the area, she stayed until she moved back to Texas. One of the reasons that she did move back to the Texas area was because of family. Her twin sons were born, and they changed everything about the way that she wished to live her life.

Family and raising children weren’t really on her mind when she was first in the field. This began to change for her, and she is now successful in both areas of her life making her a very fulfilled woman.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is also a fantastic author. She inspires other women to excel in their fields, as well as in their personal lives. Visit her website for appointments and other information.