Fabletics’ athleisure secrets to be active and chic at the same time

Mehera Bonner reports for Marie Claire Magazine some of Kate Hudson’s secrets to look fabulous in an athleisure look at night. Kate Hudson, co-founder of Fabletics, spoke to MarieClaire.com about how girls can rock a very comfortable and super chic athleisure dresses at night that are available in their stores since April 1st, plus she reveals her new line of swimsuits that hit shelves mid-April.

Hudson expresses that incorporating athleisure dresses into Fabletics was a natural progression on http://www.bustle.com/articles/152217-when-do-fabletics-dresses-come-out-shop-these-athleisure-styles-stat-photos, the idea started because she wanted active girls to go out in a casual and comfy dress instead of an uncomfortable little black dress. Fabletics has an athleisure line that is accessible for girls to go out on dates, to the office or out for dinner. The idea is that the line will be adequate for any occasion. She does explain that athleisure line uses the same performance materials as they use for the active wear line, this will help girls be active and have a more mobile experience. At an affordable price, the athleisure line of Fabletics has created dresses that are able to tuck everything in without any effort and with no Spanx required, they even have built in bras such as the Tropez dress that will make the most comfortable experience.

Kate Hudson demonstrates with their swimsuit line that they want all girls to express their sexiness and femininity without feeling overexposed or uncomfortable. This is why they have created a line that you can be active and comfy at the same time. Fabletics motivates girls to keep fit, healthy and active at an affordable price with good quality materials.

About Fabletics

Fabletics is an online subscription retailer, that focuses in selling women’s sportswear, athleisure, swimwear and accessories. Fabletics was founded in 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Kate Hudson and Don Ressler and offers its members personalized outfits that will be based on its their preferences and lifestyle which are revealed by taking a detailed survey online. Fabletics is a subsidiary of JustFab Inc. that started after realizing that there was a gap in the active wear marketplace, the company offers a stylish on http://www.fabletics.ca/kates-picks.htm, high quality and accessible clothes that promotes a healthy life style and comfort. Fabletics’ mission is the creation of clothing that inspires to stay active and foster a community under the mantra of “Live Your Passion” every day.

In 2015, Fabletics opened its first retail stores in The Mall in Columbia, Bridgewater Commons in New Jersey, Kenwood Towne Centre in Cincinnati, Christiana Mall in Newark, St Louis Galleria in St. Louis and The Village in Woodland Hills, and it is expected to open around 75 to 100 more Fabletics stores in 2016. 

Darius Fisher’s Role in Online Reputation Management

Darius Fisher has emerged as the go-to person for corporate executives and individuals facing digital reputation crises. His firm, Status Labs is based in Austin, Texas and offers marketing, online reputation management and PR services to individuals and business entities. Despite the fact that it is relatively new having been formed just four years ago, it has grown quite rapidly. At the moment, it has 30 full time employees besides opening an office in New York and launching operations in Brazil.

Most of the clients served by Status Labs are public figures, political leaders, business executives and sportsmen. These personalities are given a second chance to reclaim their standing after it gets tarnished either through their careless actions or the actions of others. With over 1,500 clients spread across 35 countries in all continents, the firm has created a name for itself as far as reputation management is concerned. It also helps clients’ search engine results to improve through an effective online advertising and public relations strategy. This helps improve sales by a notable margin. As more companies join the digital bandwagon, Status Labs is positioning itself to reach greater heights.

Darius Fisher’s Résumé

The Vanderbilt University graduate co-founded Status Labs and acts as its president. He had an impeccable career as a copywriter and advisor on political affairs. During both stints, he distinguished himself for his impressive work especially in copywriting, which made him one of the most sought after in the United States. He was inspired to start Status Labs after noticing that the firms that used to contract him were struggling to restore their reputations whenever they were faced with scandals.

Fisher has been in charge of the firm’s business development. Under his leadership, it has registered impressive growth and extent to many frontlines. He has also been on the forefront advocating partnerships with like-minded firms to increase customer satisfaction. This has been pivotal in increasing the company’s relevance in the competitive world of public relations. In recognition for his impressive work, one of the leading financial magazines, Forbes recently named him among the most prominent young business executives. This is a prestigious honor, which is bound to increase his reputation more.

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CEO Shah Rocks Autism And Financial World

Sanjay Shah, philanthropist and CEO of Solo Capital, started modestly in medicine. He found his true calling in the investment and accounting world. His successful story began with opportunities at Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse just to name a few. Branching off into his own venture, he created the brokerage company, Solo Capital. Solo Capital is an international financial boutique that services many different services, which is located in London, England. Services include proprietary trading, consulting and professional sports investments. The experienced team that surrounds Sanjay Shah stays ahead of the trends to keep on top and be a premier financial boutique worldwide.

Shah gives back in a tremendous way and created Autism Rocks, an organization that holds concerts to raise awareness and funds for Autism. It’s a subject that is close to Sanjay Shah because his son was diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder in 2011 at the young age of 4. This is when Shah has a thought that he can raise money by bringing people together with an artist to raise awareness for thousands of fans. The first concert for Autism Rocks was in 2014 with Prince. Five years on from creating Solo Capital, he has a net worth of nearly 300 million dollars. He’s now got time to spend on organizations like Autism Rocks which gives him and his family a break from work to fulfill a greater need. With his connections in the music business, he now has the influence to have friends and partners give funds to organizations that mean a lot to Sanjay Shah, as well as millions of others. Expect a compilation of Autism Rocks tracks to come out in the following year which is a great way to contribute for those who can’t attend concerts.

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Austin Doctor Has Everything And More

Doctor Jennifer Walden, a Texas native, has been named one of the United State’s top twenty-four plastic surgeons by Harper’s Bazar in their previous issue. Dr. Walden has exceeded expectations of what a successful doctor should look like, in fact she seems to have everything anyone could ever want. She’s been described as assertive and powerful but entirely inviting and warm. Whether she’s running her operating room, her service, or her two twin boys she’s got a firm grip on her priorities and exudes a confidence within herself and her abilities. Her bedside manner has been regarded as one of the best and her ability to ease her patients has created a revolving door of people from all over the country flying to Texas to seek her surgical skills.
Walden grew up in Texas with five siblings in a household that firmly believed goals and education were extremely valuable. Walden says she’s inspired daily by the success of her parents and siblings who have excelled in their own fields of work. Even with a constant juggle of two children whom she had through in-vitro fertilization, running her private practice, and just being a grounded woman she has managed to accomplish so much more than just a prestigious title. She’s had multiple medical papers published in medical journals regarding the research and development of aesthetic surgery.
After graduating from the University of Texas Medical Branch Dr. Walden resumed her medical education in Texas until she was offered a distinguished fellowship in Manhattan. Under the direct supervision of renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston Walden completed her fellowship and remained in New York. She opened up her own private practice on the Upper East Side for nearly eight years until her twin sons were born. Packing up everything and starting anew she headed back to Texas and re-opened her practice in Westlake. In the last three years Walden’s practice has expanded quicker than she thought, and she couldn’t be more ecstatic about it. Walden is also one of the only women appointed to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


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