Handy Cleaning Co. Uses Technology to Keep Employees & Customers Both Satisfied

In a world where most households are two income families, keeping one’s home in a presentable condition can be difficult when everyone has to work at other jobs. Even home based business keep their owners busy enough that household chores are often put on hold because after all, earning a living has to come first. That’s when people with the Handy cleaning app on their phone give them a call and all the chores go away leaving them with a clean home or office.

Fairly treated, content cleaning professionals play a large part in Handy’s success. The average minimum wage isn’t much more than $ 10 in the U.S. and beginning wage for workers at Handy’s cleaning service starts at $ 15 with the average being in the $ 18 per hour category. Cleaning can be hard work but Handy‘s employees know the wage stats mentioned as well as anyone and don’t mind “putting their backs into it” to keep a job that pays so well.

Some people might think of cleaning up after other’s as a less than desirable way to earn money but the fact is, the cleaning business in the U.S. thrives for good reason. Because as NYC TechMommy.com reveals a busy person doesn’t have time for dishes, cleaning windows, dusting or scrubbing toilets is not an indication they are too lazy to do their own chores, there is simply not enough time in the day to accomplish all that needs to be done. Handy cleaning is doing very well and with the new app, things are only going to get even better. Fact is, cleaning professionals working for them already make more than the average office clerk.

Barely two years after launching, the Handy brand announced it easily books more than $1 million a week helping people keep their environments clean and comfortable. That’s a lot of money by anyone’s standards and goes to show that people are more than willing to pay for a service when they know things are going to be done right. Handy employees are strict in their work habits, they do not take short-cuts to be finished early, and they leave satisfied customers behind them. That’s the true reason for Handy’s success. Yes, the phone app and ease of using it to order a service is attractive, but all else aside, if the cleaning professionals Handy hires weren’t so fairly treated, Handy wouldn’t be making that $1 million a week.

There is more to Handy cleaning than household chores. Although 85% of the companies income is currently generated through cleaning services, they aren’t stopping with that. Handyman and some plumbing services are also offered and this will make Handy the “one stop for all” kind of service that busy people all over the world will appreciate and make use of. With offices in the U.S., Canada and London they may have to add the word “global” to their company name.



Mental Illness Affects One in Five Americans

A new article from The Huffington Post just announced that an estimated one out of every five Americans suffers from a mental health disorder. Along those lines, it is estimated that mental health conditions cost about $1 trillion each year in treatment expenses around the world. The article attempts to bring awareness to mental health issues in the wake of World Mental Health Day so that these issues are seen as public health issues that are worthy of public discussion and a focus on prevention.


The article explains that even in 2016, many doctors around the world do not take mental health conditions as seriously as they do other disorders. This is a very serious concern because mental health disorders have the potential to culminate in suicide. Even though most mental illnesses are identified as chronic conditions, very few doctors actually engage in the type of consistent and thorough follow-ups that are required for proper treatment of a chronic illness. This means that many patients are left to either self-medicate or otherwise ignore the symptoms of their mental illness over time.


Although many celebrities have utilized their status to champion for more public awareness of mental health issues, there has not been an overwhelming amount of attention devoted to mental health issues in election cycles. It is very rarely talked about as the public health crisis that it actually is, and there are really no public policy reforms being suggested as a way to address mental illness on a nation-wide scale right now. By having public figures speak out about the prevalence of mental illness and that there is absolutely no shame in seeking treatment for it, there has been an increase in the level of general acceptance of mental illness as a problem to be discussed. As more public attention is devoted to mental health issues, there will be a greater demand for increases in funding for research to find new treatments for mental illness as well as for programs focused on the prevention of mental illness. The first step is in greater acceptance of this disorder as a common problem.

Brown Modelling Agency Takes Over Texas Market

Formerly Wilhelmina Austin, Brown Agency is a full-service agency in Austin, Texas that provides both models and talent to clients. They have quickly grown to become an industry leader in modeling, setting goals of establishing big standards and anticipations that hadn’t ever been seen in Texas.

Since the establishment of the Brown Modelling Agency, their models and talent have worked for the biggest brands in the world: Dell, L’oreal, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, and thousands of other well-known businesses and companies. Their talent has been seen on the runways of Austin Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and numerous others.

President, Justin Brown, recognizes that the agency is only as good as their talent and they pride themselves in only selecting the best. Brown Modelling Agency develops their talent on larger market levels and delivers clients the most professional, talented and beautiful talent that is available in Texas.

Their talents include adults and children of both genders. Their models and talented professionals offer a wide range of style and looks, each with their own beauty and charm. Ages vary as well, from very young to middle-aged. Talent is just that: Talent. Brown Modelling Agency recognizes that.

Justin Brown, President of Brown Modelling Agency was born in Reno and grew up in California. He left for southern California as soon as he was old enough, where he entered college and started modelling. Justin Brown worked his way through college by both modelling and working at an agency.

While at college and modelling, he studied business management, but was more interested in what was going on behind the cameras. Eventually, he began training models to operate like real pros. After that, he would place them (or find them work) and help them graduate to the “big time”. He moved from one firm to another, learning the best tricks of the modelling trade.

He started his own agency in 2008, which was licensed by Wilhelmina in 2010. That license gave him a lot more resources at his disposal. Luckily for him, this came just in time for the local book that would hit Central Texas in fashion, commercials and print.

Even though his job title and company is a little more fancy, his job hasn’t changed that much. That doesn’t bother him, though. He enjoys finding the best talent and giving them the best jobs for their talent.

The Brown Modelling Agency is the result of his previous modelling group, Wilhelmina Brown and rival, Heyman Talent South. His agency quickly grew to watching over the careers of 450 budding talents. Thanks to Brown’s experience in L.A. and New York, his new agency was able to take talent and walk them into bigger agencies on each coast.

New Kind of Earthquake Discovered by California Scientists

California has been bracing for a major earthquake along the San Andreas fault for a while now. At the National Earthquake Conference in May 2016,a major earthquake scientist described the fault as being “locked, loaded, and ready to go” in a warning that a major earthquake was imminent. A new fault running parallel to the San Andreas was also recently discovered by a team of scientists. In addition to those two troubling pieces of earthquake news, a completely new kind of earthquake has just been discovered.


A team of scientists from Caltech in Pasadena used powerful seismic sensors to discover earthquakes at a much deeper level than previously thought possible. Earthquakes are occurring as deep as the upper level of the Earth’s mantle. The discovery was made along the Newport-Inglewood fault line. Although the earthquakes they have detected at this level have so far been very minor, this discovery has potentially huge implications. If a major earthquake penetrates down to that deep level, it could be even more devastating.


The implication is particularly chilling because the San Andreas is the same type of fault line as the Newport-Inglewood fault line, suggesting that these deep level earthquakes could occur there as well. There is still more research to be done before scientists can fully understand what this discovery means and how it could impact California and the world. Some scientists even suggest these deep earthquakes could be good news, and actually might prevent a massive quake rather than make it bigger. Caltech seismology professor Jean Paul Ampuero was one of the scientists behind the discovery. He sees the possible negative implications, but also says “I wouldn’t say that this is cause for alarm at this point.” Either way, the discovery has been an important breakthrough for earthquake science.

Understanding NFL Betting Odds

Betting on NFL games has become America’s true pastime. It is estimated that $8 billion is wagered on the Super Bowl odds alone every year. With so much money being wagered on the outcome of NFL games, it is important for every sports bettor to understand the betting odds that are offered by sportsbooks.

Why Have Betting Odds In The First Place?

Sportsbooks produce betting odds to generate public interest in each NFL game and to attempt to get an even amount of wagers placed on each team. This will help ensure that the sportsbook makes money no matter who wins.

Besides, if the New England Patriots play the Miami Dolphins, you pretty much know who is going to win that game. But if the sportsbook makes placing a bet on the Dolphins seem like a good idea, then the money will come rolling in.

Point Spread
The most common form of odds is the point spread. Each game will have a favorite and an underdog. In our example, the Patriots will be considered the favorite because they are most likely to win the game.

When you look at an NLF odds sheet the favorite will have a number beside it that begins with a negative number. In our example, let’s say the Pats are favored to win by 11.5 points. The odds sheet with show “New England -11.5” which means that the Patriots must win by more than 11.5 points in order for you to win.

In contrast, the Dolphins entry will look like this, “Miami +11.5.” If the Dolphins win the game outright or lose by less than 11.5 points, those bettors who picked Miami will win.

The moneyline is also divided into favorites and underdogs but it is expressed differently. Instead of giving or subtracting points from a team, whichever team wins the game pays out. Like the point spread, the favorite is given a negative number and the underdog is given a positive number. But in this case, the number refers to the amount of money you have to bet to win $100 or the amount of money you will win for betting $100, respectively.

In our example, New England may be listed as a -325 favorite. This means that you must wager $325 in order to win $100. By contrast, Miami may be listed as a $275 underdog. In this case, if you bet $100 and Miami pulls the upset, you will pocket $275.

Understanding the odds is important. You also need the best, up to date information possible if you want to make an informed wager. Sites like Covers.com provide NFL bettors with the most up to date information and odds.

Work Can Be Bad For You

If you think your job is hurting your health, you’re not the only one. A recent survey from NPR shows that many Americans think their jobs are making them less healthy.


The survey was a collaboration among NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. It asked 1600 people how they thought their jobs affected their eating, sleeping, stress, social lives and other health factors. Although only 16% of workers overall thought their jobs were unhealthy, the numbers were higher in specific industries.


Retail outlets came in as the most detrimental to health with 26% of respondents saying their jobs were not good for them. Health threats in retail include slipping on wet floors, being hit by delivery vehicles, being hit by falling objects and straining muscles by lifting.


Next were:


Construction or outdoor work 23%

Factory or manufacturing 21%

Medical 19%

Store 16%


The problems with these jobs were listed as dangerous chemicals, unhealthy air and, like retail, accidents and injuries. Sitting for long periods was also mentioned. Although office workers generally felt their jobs were safe, 24% said they feared health issues stemming from inactivity. Sitting all day is known to increase the risks of diabetes, heart disease and cancer huffingtonpost.com.


One solution is to get out of the bad work environment for a while by taking a vacation. But many workers with paid vacation days don’t use them. According to the survey, last year only 49% of workers used some or all of their paid vacation. In low-paying jobs, 47% of workers don’t get paid vacation days. To make the health situation worse, 40% of these jobs don’t offer health insurance, either.


However, some companies are trying to make the workplace healthier. Zappos, Twitter and Microsoft offer gym memberships and Sparks, Genentech and CamelBak provide healthy snacks. Twitter and SolidFire give workers unlimited paid time off. A number of large companies have good employee health insurance.


Still, many workers spend their days at a job where they’re not getting wealthy or even healthy.

Developer Jason Halpern Gives New Life To Old Buildings


Jason Halpern founded and is currently the managing partner of JMH Development. Halpern is proudly following in the footsteps his father and grandfather. Both men were successful real estate developers who built and managed commercial and residential properties in New York City and Westchester County. Halpern credits much of his success to the time he spent on construction sites with his Dad as a boy. Jason’s father passed away when he was only eleven, but Jason’s interest in the real estate business only grew.

JMH Development is best known for its restoration projects in historic districts in New York City and Miami. JMH specializes in restoring historic buildings. Two of his best-known projects are 184 Kent Avenue on the East River waterfront in Brooklyn, New York, and the Aloft Hotel in located in Miami’s South Beach. While Jason Halpern’s projects offer residents unsurpassed luxury and amenities Halpern takes care to make sure that his buildings reflect the neighborhoods that surround them.


Jason Halpern is also a philanthropist who believes in giving back both individually and through his company. In 2015 JMH Development committed to donating $20,000 for each unit sold at its Three Collins Place property in Miami to water projects in Nepal and Tigray. These water projects helped to provide clean drinking water for more than 600 people in these countries. Personally, Halpern has donated both time and money to such worthy causes as Habitat For Humanity and the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at the Westchester Medical Center. The state of the art facility is named after his late father who was a prominent Westchester County businessman.


To help balance work and his personal life Jason Halpern generally, limits his projects to 4 or 5 at a time. Although, Jason considers himself a New Yorker managing out of town projects requires extensive travel. When he is not working Halpern makes a special effort to spend as much time as possible with his son who enjoys visiting project sites with him. Jason Halpern looks forward to preserving historical sites and his family’s legacy.


Jose Borghi And The Point Of Advertising

These days, it is important for businesses to spread awareness about a product. People are not going to shop at or buy from a business they know nothing about. Even if they know that the business exists, they are not going to be that likely to visit the company if they don’t know hardly anything about it. This is why advertising is very important on joseborghi.com. People need to find a way to get people aware of the company. This is why they pay for spots so that people will see the advertising posted about the company so that they will know that it exists.

There is more to advertising than just telling people about the company and some of the products that it offers. People need to be told why they should buy the products from this particular company. This is where Jose Borghi comes in. Jose Borghi is not only able to use different media to tell people about a company or a service, but also creative enough to talk people into buying the product. One of the reasons for Jose Borghi that creativity is important to an advertising campaign is that it communicates to the user that the business believes enough in the product to put a lot of thought and energy into the advertising campaign for the product.

One thing that is understood is that business owners like Jose Borghi rarely have time to do the advertising for themselves. This is one of the reasons that ad agencies are available. They can go to people like Jose Borghi and allow him to deal with the creative aspects of business which include advertising the company and the product. When the business and the company gets an effective advertising campaign. Then they will see their sales increase when it comes to the items or services they are promoting.

With a good plan for advertising, people will be able to make a lot of sales to their business so that they will be able to put their profits towards something else. For one thing, Jose Borghi makes it possible for their clients to expand and offer new products and services for their customers. They will also attract new customers from their audience.

Study Shows How Physical and Emotional Stress Can be Deadly Duo

Exercise is vital for maintaining a healthy heart, but exercising as a way of “blowing off steam” can actually have the opposite effect. This is the conclusion of a recent study showing similar rates of heart failure among those who were at the time exercising and those who were angry or upset. It also shows the importance of mind/body interaction.

Published in a journal of the American Heart Association, the study of heart attack sufferers involved some 12,000 citizens of more than 50 countries. According the respondents, 14 percent said they had suffered a heart attack when they were either angry or emotionally upset about something. In a strikingly similar figure, 13 percent had been stricken while they were engaged in some type of strenuous physical exercise. More about this study is available at www.reddit.com/r/Health.

According to Dr. Andrew Smyth, who headed the study, both strenuous physical activity and severe emotional strain have the effect of raising a person’s blood pressure and heart rate, factors that can lead to coronary failure. In cases where both exercise and psychological strain were combined, the risk of heart failure actually tripled. There are other issues that can further increase this risk, including one’s age and weight and whether the person engages in activities that are unhealthy, such as smoking. Commenting specifically on the psychological issue, behavioral scientist Barry Jacobs noted how the study seemed to further prove the close relationship between physical and emotional stress.

Despite its findings, the study indicated that only one in four heart attacks are directly related to either physical or emotional strain. An observer at the British Heart Association noted that most heart attacks stem directly from blockage of the arteries. However, research does show the importance of good physical and psychological health, both of which can be enhanced through moderate exercise.

Goettl expands its services through the acquisition of Moore Air conditioning

The Goettl name has remained a recognized brand in offering excellent and efficient air conditioning systems. The company was established by the Goettl brothers in 1939. Goettl Air Conditioning has outlived many challenges through its 70 years in the air conditioning field. The company has prospered since it has always been ahead in technology and business changes over the years. The legacy continues to remain. Goettl has quality customer service in Tucson region, Phoenix and Las Vegas. Anyone that has engaged Goettl’s services can attest of its experienced and highly trained team. The technicians provide excellent customer service and a good technical expertise to commercial and residential needs.

Goettl has had a rapid expansion in the recent past. It moved to Las Vegas Valley and has now made an acquisition of a new company. The acquisition is with the purchase of Moore Air Conditioning. Moore is a company that has been in the air conditioning business for over 50 years now. Summing up Goettl experience and Moore’s years in the field results in Goettl having close to 150 year experience in offering air conditioning equipment and services. Goettl will continue to offer its previous air conditioning services of maintenance, repair and installation of air conditioning systems. The acquisition by Goettl is set to boost the company’s revenues as it expect to reach a wider market.

Goettl has had several strategies for growth. The Phoenix based air conditioning company now seeks to become a premier residential company. It has plans to grow its business by a massive 50% by end of 2017. The move is already seen by the acquisition of Moore Air Conditioning. Apart from that, Goettl plans to hire 100 employees in the coming year. Anyone that has engaged Goettl’s services should expect better and quality services. The company plans to introduce a new set of air conditioning systems that will use less energy. People that have complained about the massive utility bill through running of the systems will now comfortably use their air conditioning equipment.

Goettl is going to be the best company to hire when carrying out an air condition installation. If you want to get the right air conditioning system that fits your home, then it is time to engage Goettl’s services. The company is filled with highly trained experts that will work with you throughout the entire installation procedure. Goettl’s professionals carry out frequent maintenance to the system to ensure a continuous functioning.