Stephen Murray’s Career Life

One month after Stephen Murray resigned as CCMP Capital’s Chief Operating Officer due to health-related reasons, he died at the age of 52. According to Alexandra LaManna, CCMP Capital’s spokesman, Murray died on March 12th, 2015. Alexandra confirmed Murray’s death in an email but did not clarify why Murray resigned as CCMP’s CEO.

Stephen Murray became CCMP Capital’s founding partner in 2006 after it spun out of JPMorgan Partners to avoid potential conflicts with its clients. CCMP Capital specializes in middle-market private equity investments and leveraged buyouts. According to the latest financial report, CCMP generated over $3.6 billion in the past year.

In an email statement, CCMP Capital’s spokesman, Alexandra LaManna said that Stephen Murray’s death saddened them. He added that Murray was a prominent investor and a deal-maker who would always settle on a win-win deal. According to Institutional Investor Magazine’s article dated 2011, Stephen Murray grew up in Westchester, New York. He attended Boston College to pursue a Bachelor degree in Arts. Later on, Murray joined the Columbia University of New York for furthers studies in Business Administration.

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Stephen Murray’s career began as a credit trainee at a New York-based Manufactures Hanover Trust Company before his way up as the Vice President of middle-market lending. In 1989, Murray left for CCMP Capital’s predecessor as an executive in private equity and leveraged buyouts. However, the firm was acquired by JPMorgan in 2000. Later on, in 2005, Murray was appointed as the head of JPMorgan Partners. CCMP Capital, previously known as JPMorgan Partners would invest in middle-market financing units and private equity funds.

Under Stephen Murray’s regime, CCMP Capital generated over $3.6 billion as its latest fund in 2014. Murray is one of the smartest financial experts in CCMP Capitals, having featured in the company’s SEC list. As of 2014, Murray’s board constituted of Ollie’s Bargain Outlets, LHP Hospital Group, Crestcom International, and Octagon Credit Investors. Although CCMP Capital hinted that Stephen Murray resigned due to health-related issues, the company declined to comment on whom might succeed him as the next Chief Operating Officer.

CCMP Capital’s spokesman eulogized Stephen Murray as a family man and a dedicated professional. As the founding partner of CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray would always settle for the win-win deal, even in hostile circumstances. Besides family, Murray would spend a significant portion of his practice in helping CCMP Capital develop. His contribution towards the success of CCMP Capital is noteworthy.


Christanna Bevin Enduring Career as Project Manager

The project management discipline involves setting and achieving goals through planning, good organization and supervision. To be a successful project manager, one needs to possess skills such as strong leadership, analytical thinking, good communication and be goal-oriented. One of the most outstanding and transformative personalities in this sector is Christanna Bevin. According to Crunchbase, Bevin is a result oriented project services manager who has demonstrated tremendous success in project control, administration management, contracting and procurement in the resource and construction sector. Over the years, she has built a reputation as for exceptional work ethics and an exemplary knack for problem solving. Bevin is also skillful in written and oral communication, thanks to her outstanding engagement and relationship management skills.

According to, Bevin has served as project manager in several companies including Universal Energy Services, Phu Bia Mining, Kellog Brown & Root, Oakajee Port and Rail, Parsons Brinckerhoff and Consulting Services based in Brisbane. At Phu Bia Mining, she was tasked with training, document control and offering executive support for duration of one and half years, from May 2014 to August 2015. Her inclusion in the firm’s pre-qualification team also saw her play a crucial role in preselecting contractors from several Asian countries, including China and Vietnam. From January 2010 to May 2011, Bevin served as senior manager at Oakajee Port and Rail. During her tenure, she successfully introduced several programs to streamline scheduling controls and budgeting for project reporting as a strategy to guarantee successful project implementation.

Through her management role, Bevin also made sure engineers and contractors strictly follow the laid down rules as part of compliance effort. Bevin maoved briefly to Kellogg Brown & Root in May 2005 as a Senior Project Control Specialist before joining Parsons Brinckerhoff as a controls manager, a report published by New York Monthly Herald indicates. At of her recent designations in Consulting Services, Bevin was tasked with overseeing hospital redevelopment and overhaul of Kogan Creek Power Stations. She was also charged with reviewing existing contracts, implementing improvements and monitoring cost on an Olympic Dam Site. Since the project managers play a critical role that can break or shape a company’s bottomline. The academic requirement for project managers generally varies depending on the type of project to be undertaken.

For technological services, project managers need to possess a degree in computer science or electrical engineering. Conversely, if the project involves construction works, a degree in civic engineering may suffice. Most project managers also posses MBA’s as is the case with Christanna Bevin, who graduated from the Australian Institute of Business in 2015. On the social front, Bevin maintains an active presence on Facebook, where she regularly communicates with friends. Her project management career has also seen her travel to countries such as the USA and Bulgaria. A report on New York Monthly Herald indicates that Christanna Bevin relocated to Bulgaria in 2007 to work for Chelopech Mining EAD as control manager. The position involved reviewing and supporting definitive feasibility study, auditing and interrogating implementing systems.

Kenneth Goodgame Rising Above Low Blows in the Market

True Value Company is an American retailer-owned hardware cooperatives which operate about 5000 independent retail shops all over the world. The hardware Company began as a combination of four hardware including Bartlett & Company, Cotter and Company, Cost to Cost Cooperation, and America Hardware and Supply (Servistar). The members of True Value Cooperation own and operate stores independently of True Value Company. True Value is known to support a number of retail stores that include Party Central, Home and Garden Showplace, Taylor Rental, Grand Rental Station, and Induserve Supply. True Value also serves other stores that do not use their stress identity.

True Value Company operates as a wholesaler as well as a merchandising company in the United States as well as globally. The company is not only a hardware but it also deals with the manufacture and distribution of paints and paints applicant. The company is dedicated to serve and distribute quality services to its customers by providing other services including store location and design services, merchandising, marketing, as well as advertising. To see their customers are also offering quality services and products the company offers inters loans to retailers for remodeling, expansion, relocating as well as opening of new stores.
To serve their customers better, the company recently announced the restructuring of its chain supply, its global distribution network as well as its logistics and the addition of three new executive members. The three executive members includes Abhinav Shukla who was hired as the Senior Vice President and the Chief Operating Officer, Tim Mills who is the Senior Vice President for growth and Kenneth Goodgame who took the position of Senior Vice President and the Chief Operating Officer after Mike Clark retired.

Kenneth Goodgame can be described as an expert in merchandising business. Kenneth has been successful in a number of enterprise regarding merchandising and he believes in completing his assignments no matter the circumstances. He is dedicated and very passionate about helping others and to be able to assist them better Ken launched a website where he engages others in talks meant to help them financially. Kenneth Goodman can be described as a marketing guru who has taken the sales of his company True Value to high heights.

Before his appointment at True Value as the Senior Vice President and the Chief Operating Officer, Goodman served at Ace Hardware Corporation as the General Merchandising Manager as from 2010-2013. He also worked for Techtronic Industries Northern America as the President of Direct Tools Factory Outlets from 2008-2010. He is a go-getter and he has served in other organizations including Home Depot and Newell Rubbermaid. Mr. Goodman is a graduate from the University of Tennessee where he graduated with Bachelors of Science in Marketing.

Great Achievements of Adam Milstein

The Jerusalem Post recently acknowledged Adam Milstein as one of the top 50 most influential Jewish community members. This was not a surprise since Adam Milstein has had a great impact in the lives of the Jewish people. Some of the factors that contributed to Adam being elected at position 39 of the listing were his works in activism, philanthropy as well as his excellent leadership skills.

In Jewish organizations like Israeli-American Council (IAC), StandWithUs and Birthright Israel among others. Among the elected top 50 influential individuals were remarkable and prominent political leaders such as U.S Senator Charles Schumer, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; philanthropists Mathew Bronfman,Haim Saban; Jewish leaders like Malcolm Hoenlein and great entertainers such as Sarah Silverman among others.

A big testament

Milstein is honored and humbled to be chosen by the Jerusalem Post listing among prominent leaders within the Jewish community. Additionally, he is grateful to his wife, Gila for the unending support as well as IAC and other foundations that he partners with to ensure the Jewish people make a big difference in their lives.

According to Adam Milstein, this award is a clear testament to the historic achievements of Israeli American Community in the past few years. The Israel-American community encourages philanthropy, activism as well as a sense of belonging for the community members while actively providing and supporting the basic needs of Israel.

His early life

Adam was born in Haifa, Israel and spent his early childhood in Kiryta Motzkin. In 1971 he joined Israeli Defense Forces since this was a mandatory service in Israel. Upon completing the service, he attended Technion University where he earned a Degree in business and economics. Adam later on moved to the United States with his family and he pursued his MBA. Mr. Milstein started his career in real estate as an agent before raising his standards to a prominent private developer.

Currently, he works at HagerPacific Properties as a managing director. With a deep passion in philanthropy, Adam along with his beloved wife established Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000. This foundation aims at educating young Jewish individuals on their roots as well as allowing them advocate and efficiently connect with Israel. According to Adam and Gila, their joy is igniting pride in Jewish youth.

Susan McGalla, Ambition, Drive And Inspiration

Among the common types of people that work are those that are content with the work they are doing, those that want to climb up the ladder, and those that are a combination of both. Susan McGalla happens to be the combination of both. While she was always content doing the work that she was doing, she has always wanted to climb the ladder and make a successful name for herself. It has shown in the type of work that she has done. She did not believe that just because she was a woman, she had to just barely skate by and accept nothing but low level positions on

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One thing that is common in any industry are people that do just what it takes to barely get by. Some people are content with that. However, they are also vulnerable to a lot of problems in the case that their work runs out. As a result, they have to act fast in order to get the type of job they need. At least when one climbs up the ladder, she will get the extra room for failure. Susan McGalla has chosen to move forward with her career choices. She has looked for the types of companies that she is passionate about and has decided that she wanted to hold a specific position. As a bonus, she had more room being a higher level worker.

Susan McGalla has shown that she does have the drive and the ambition. This is not because she just worked hard. She has also done a lot of research on what it would take to run a successful business. She has felt that she could be a leader. One of the reasons that she is a good leader is that she is always an example of what to do. She does not just bark orders. Susan also understands the importance of working smart and having a way to enjoy all of the results of her efforts. As a result, she has learned how to generate passive income for her efforts on Bloomberg. This is one of the ways that she has achieved financial independence.

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Adam Milstein’s Background And Business Career

Who Is Adam Milstein?

Adam Milstein is a businessman, pro-Israel activist and active philanthropist that is heavily involved in Jewish related causes. Mr. Milstein now works at Hager Pacific Properties on the west coast of the United States. He serves as a leading managing director of the firm. Adam founded the American Israeli Council, one of the most prominent Jewish American and Israeli American organizations in the country. He is also involved and a strong supporter of countless other charities relating to the Jewish people and the Jewish state of Israel.

The Background Of : Adam Milstein

Born in the port city of Haifa, Adam Milstein is a native son of Israel. His parents made Aliyah from Mexico and Argentina when the Jewish state of Israel was established in 1948. His mother arrived in 1948 and his father arrived only a year later. Together they would rear Adam and his two younger siblings in the nearby towns of Kiryat Motzkin and Kiryat Yam.

Adam Milstein was enrolled in the Israeli Defense Force in 1971, as is mandatory of all Israeli citizens upon completion of school. The Yom Kippur War broke out between Isreal and surrounding Muslim states when Adam was still actively on mandatory military service at the Israeli Defense Force. He saw action in the Sinai Peninsula where Israel counterattacked a surprise attack by the Egyptian army in the Sinai on the holiest day of the Jewish year.

Adam Milstein was part of the victorious Israeli army division led by future Israeli president Ariel Sharon who forced the surrender of Egyptian armed forces in Sinai. After the war was over, Adam went on to pursue a higher education at the Israeli Institute of Technology also known as the Technion. He studied business and economics at the Technion and received his bachelors of science in 1978. Milstein was a brilliant student who received very high marks at college.

During and after college, Adam Milstein worked with his father in the construction business. He later immigrated to the United States along with his wife in 1981. There he entered the real estate development industry starting of as a salesman before becoming a managing director at Hager Pacific Properties.

Steven Murray; A life of dedication to private equity and philanthropy

The immediate former President and Chief Executive Officer of a New York-headquartered private equity company CCMP Capital is fondly remembered as a dedicated worker, philanthropist and family man. Steven Murray worked at CCMP Capital for a cumulative sixteen years prior to tendering his sudden resignation in early 2015. A month later following his resignation, Murray was pronounced dead with health-related reasons cited as the cause of his death. He died at the age of fifty-two.

Murray attended Sleepy Hollow High School and later went to Boston College. In 1984, he earned a degree in economics and would later enroll at Columbia Business School and complete his Master’s in Business Administration. Murray began his illustrious working career with CCMP Capital in 1999. At the time, the company was known as Chase Capital Partners on Crunchbase. It was later renamed to JPMorgan Partners after being bought by JP Morgan. What followed was tremendous success enjoyed by JP Morgan Partners, as it became a renowned private equity company in the domestic and international scene.

In 2006, CCMP branched out independently as a result of a spin-off from the predecessor group on In 2007, Murray succeeded group founder Jeff Walker as the CEO of CCMP Capital. Murray was a board member in several organizations in different segments of the economy; from insurance to hospitality and health. The corporations included Jetro JMDH Holdings, LHP Hospital Group, Crestcom International, Infogroup Inc., Octagon Credit Investors, Strongwood Insurance Holdings and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet.

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Upon learning the demise of his friend and business associate, Greg Brenneman, the current CCMP chairman and CEO, was saddened by the news. Both Murray and Greg Brenneman had been the only two CCMP directors listed down in SEC filings due to their starring role in the successful fundraising initiative that raised about $3.6 billion for CCMP’s latest fund. Mr. Greg sent his heartfelt condolences to Murray’s family, noting that Murray was a good man, the pride, and delight of his family.

Murray spent a large chunk of his career working in private equity, and as a result, he developed some outstanding deal making and investment skills. He further added that CCMP and its precursors were grateful for the tremendous contributions that Steven made towards their overall success.

Apart from Steve’s dedication to his career, philanthropy was something that was really close to his heart. He made contributions to several humanitarian groups and foundations, including Make-A-Wish Foundation and Stamford Museum among others.

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Stephen Murray One Of New York’s Top Buy Deal Makers

Stephen Murray passed away last February at the age of 52. He had recently left his position as CEO of CCMP Capital group just a month prior. Murray had a long career in the financial sector in New York City that was mostly focused on mergers and buyouts. He was also known as a great philanthropist. He served and worked for many different charitable organizations during his time in New York City. Despite his untimely death, Murray led a long and productive life and left a great legacy as a leader in growth investing in New York City.


He was born and was raised in Westchester, NY. Westchester is a nice suburb of the New York City. He did well in school there and later left to go to college. He moved to Boston to pursue his undergraduate degree in economics which he received in 1984. He then made the move back to New York City where he got his Master’s in Business Administration from Columbia University. He also started his fledgling financial career during this period.

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Hanover Trust

His first job after his undergrad was in the credit department at the Hanover Trust. He quickly showed a proclivity for finance and making great deals on Because of this, he quickly climbed the ladder at Hanover and was promoted to VP of Middle-Market investing in 1989. He also helped start a private fund during his time at Hanover that would later develop into CCMP 15 years later.


Hanover went through a few mergers during Murray’s time with the trust. This was until they were finally merged with Chase Manhattan Bank. The merger with Chase happened in 1996. Murray worked at chase in a similar role until he was put in charge of all buyout operations at J.P. Morgan & Chase in 2000. He earned this role by proving time and time again that he had a knack for making great deals when it came to mergers and buyouts.


CCMP Capital spun out from Chase in 2006 because the bank had bought out Bank One. It was thought that there would be a conflict of interest between the private equity divisions of both firms. To prevent that, CCMP was founded under the guidance of Murray. The fund is said to be worth about $12 Billion today. The average amount of investment transactions that they perform is around $100-$500 million per transaction.

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George Soros Plays Pivotal Role in Election

One of the biggest investors when it comes to politics in the United States over the last twenty or so years has been George Soros, who has more than enough money to make a big difference in the scheme of things. George Soros is an avid supporter of the democratic party and has played a significant role in various democratic campaigns in the past. He is all in for Hillary Clinton and her campaign during this 2016 election and has officially put his money where his mouth is. He has invested about twenty-five million dollars so far during this election cycle, aiming the bulk of his investments at increasing votes for the democratic nominee on, while also attempting to take votes away from the conservative party. There are a variety of ways that the money is being used, all of which are attempting to build a bigger lead for Hillary Clinton.

One of the biggest allotments of money from Soros has come through the seven million dollars that he donated to a super PAC, called Priorities USA Action, who have been doing everything they can to get the democratic nominee into the white house. Although Soros has already donated seven million dollars to this specific super PAC, the word is that he is considering donating an additional three million dollars. Another focus of the money donated from Soros has been used to try to get illegal immigrants the right to vote in the United States. This has been a heavily talked about subject, as many people believe that illegal immigrants should not be able to vote, while other people, such as George Soros, believe that they live in this country and should be able to vote. The reason why George Soros has decided to put money into this aspect of the campaign for Hillary Clinton is the fact that it is well known that a huge portion of illegal immigrants, if allowed to vote, would vote for Hillary Clinton.

There has been strong talk about mass deportations if the Republican candidate gets into office, which has increased the democratic nominees campaign to focus on getting illegal immigrants the right to vote. There are also a lot of strategies and tactics that are being used, after being funded by George Soros, which are aimed at decreasing the number of Republican votes, which would again, help the Clinton campaign. The swing states are also a big deal and Soros has been personally interested in increasing, primarily Hispanic voters to get out and vote. Again, they would likely vote on the democratic side of things, leading to an increase in support for Hillary Clinton, so it appears that George Soros definitely knows what he is doing with his donations on Forbes.

Developer Jason Halpern Gives New Life To Old Buildings


Jason Halpern founded and is currently the managing partner of JMH Development. Halpern is proudly following in the footsteps his father and grandfather. Both men were successful real estate developers who built and managed commercial and residential properties in New York City and Westchester County. Halpern credits much of his success to the time he spent on construction sites with his Dad as a boy. Jason’s father passed away when he was only eleven, but Jason’s interest in the real estate business only grew.

JMH Development is best known for its restoration projects in historic districts in New York City and Miami. JMH specializes in restoring historic buildings. Two of his best-known projects are 184 Kent Avenue on the East River waterfront in Brooklyn, New York, and the Aloft Hotel in located in Miami’s South Beach. While Jason Halpern’s projects offer residents unsurpassed luxury and amenities Halpern takes care to make sure that his buildings reflect the neighborhoods that surround them.


Jason Halpern is also a philanthropist who believes in giving back both individually and through his company. In 2015 JMH Development committed to donating $20,000 for each unit sold at its Three Collins Place property in Miami to water projects in Nepal and Tigray. These water projects helped to provide clean drinking water for more than 600 people in these countries. Personally, Halpern has donated both time and money to such worthy causes as Habitat For Humanity and the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at the Westchester Medical Center. The state of the art facility is named after his late father who was a prominent Westchester County businessman.


To help balance work and his personal life Jason Halpern generally, limits his projects to 4 or 5 at a time. Although, Jason considers himself a New Yorker managing out of town projects requires extensive travel. When he is not working Halpern makes a special effort to spend as much time as possible with his son who enjoys visiting project sites with him. Jason Halpern looks forward to preserving historical sites and his family’s legacy.