Lower Blood Sugar Naturally With These 6 Ingredients

Close to half of all Americans are either diabetics or pre-diabetics according to the Centers for Disease Control. Diabetes not only impacts the way the body assimilates foods and produces insulin, it’s a multi-organ disease that increases the risk of heart disease, blindness, kidney failure and problems with the circulatory system.
Blood sugar can be lowered naturally and diabetes prevented or possibly reversed by adding these 6 natural ingredients to your daily diet.
1. Berberine. This is a plant compound naturally found in philodendrons, goldenseal, tree turmeric and Oregon grape. Berberine works by reduceing the amount of insulin absorbed by the intestines and helps to regulate metabolism.
2. Cinnamon. This heat-producing spice is found in most every kitchen and works to lower blood sugar by revving up the metabolism.
3. Fenugreek seeds. These tiny seeds are high in fiber, and the added fiber helps absorb and remove excess sugar and fat from the body via increased elimination. Fenugreek seeds are rich in amino acids and helps to promote insulin production.
4. Gymnema. A plant grown in India that impedes a person’s ability to taste sweet flavors. Gymnema has also been shown to improve glycemic control in test studies.
5. Malabar Gourd. Extract from the seeds of the Malabar gourd have been shown to lower the risk of Type II diabetes by reviving slow-functioning pancreatic cells.
6. Neem Leaf. Leaves from the Indian Neem plant and has been shown in multiple studies to help the body regulate insulin levels naturally. Neem leaf also improves circulation and can reduce the need for insulin injections by up to 50%.