The History of TechStyle Group & Don Ressler’s Success

Business man Don Ressler is best known for his co-founding JustFab. JustFab has since changed the company’s name to TechStyle Fashion Group due to the expanding business that it has become. TechStyle remains the parent company to JustFab, FabKids, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle. This story begins in 2010 with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The following year, Kimora Lee Simmons joined the company as the Creative Director and the President.

Matrix Partners, a venture capital firm, provided then JustFab with a $33 million investment in 2011. In 2012, there was a much larger investment coming in at $76 million from Matrix Partners and other investors on Bloomberg. Rho Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, and Technology Crossover Ventures all invested this round, as well. These investments provided enough capital to expand the company out of the United States to Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

This came from the hard work of many people, but Don Ressler was a mastermind at getting what was needed to make this dream come true. Both he and Goldenberg wanted to make a huge difference in how consumers were shopping. They began providing an affordable service with high quality, fashion forward items from shoes to exercise clothing. Where beautiful items come to their front door every month bringing smiles to many faces. With their hard work and ingenuity, they were able to begin a very successful company.

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In 2013, they acquired FabKids. Surprisingly, this was a separate company purchased. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler even had a reality show documenting the behind the scenes business aspects of these companies thanks to Kimora Lee Simmons. Her influence made this company explode in a most positive way. They have expanded to other countries since then, in 2013. They purchased the Fab Shoes. They even purchased ShoeDazzle and run both companies separately.

With so many big steps, it is no wonder they are so successful. Ressler’ and company put in the hard work to make these wins happen. They received more funding a few more times and expanding product categories. Ressler, Goldenberg, and actress Kate Hudson soon founded Fabletics which provides athletic clothes. They have several brick and mortar stores, as well as their online store. They plan to open many more.

TechStyle has made a huge impact on fashion and affordability of said fashion. They can only continue going up as time goes on. With such affordable rates and great designs, it’s a huge success and it is no surprise as to why.


Fabletics, The Fabulous and Popular Company

Fabletics. The name brings to mind two things: The famous Fabletics subscription-based women’s sportswear company, and the word fabulous. Of course, the two go together; Fabletics’ products are indeed fabulous.

Let’s learn a little history about this great company and how it came to be. It was founded by three partners: Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson. They founded it in 2013: It started in July and was officially launched and accessible to the public by October of that same year.

From there, Fabletics just kept on going up and growing bigger. Together with Kate Hudson’s brother, famous actor Oliver Hudson, Fabletics started offering men’s activewear as well. This happened in the year 2015. In March of 2016 the company moved on from just providing sportswear: They started offering dresses and swimsuits to those that needed them.

In 2015, Fabletics also decided to start opening up brick and mortar stores as well. They first started opening up in malls owned by Westfield and General Growth Properties Inc, such as the Mall of Columbia. They are actively planning on opening up even more stores: Forbes reported that between 75 and one hundred brick and mortar stores operated by Fabletics are expected to open up over the course of the next three years. Over the course of 2016, many more stores have also opened up in famous and large malls, including one Fabletics store in the Mall of America.

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Fabletics is a very popular company on Their large social media presence and their vast amounts of followers and fans on social media are testament to this fact. On Facebook, they have more than three million likes! That’s a lot of people, and their Facebook fan base just keeps on growing. On Twitter, they have around twenty thousand followers. On Pinterest, where you can post images (which really fits Fabletics’ needs), they have close to sixty thousand followers. The same goes for Instagram, another image-sharing channel, where they have more than three hundred and sixty six thousand followers! Even on the lesser-used Google Plus site, they have thousands of followers. Their Youtube videos have thousands of likes, with some getting dozens of thousands!

People just love viewing the latest posts that Fabletics posts on social media, because it allows them to get an inside look at how their apparel and clothing actually look. Their postings get thousands of views and thousands of likes.

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