Adrián José Velazquez Figueroa on the Top 10 things to do and see in Panama

Many people that visit Panama go to only see the great Panama Canal. They stay there because of other beautiful places and activities they discover when exploring the beautiful region. Panama is a region with fun filled activity. According to Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa, Panama has many beaches which extend more than 2500km along its coastline. The region has over 1000 Islands of its coast. Anyone can visit the place to enjoy the wonderful climate Panama offers. Panama is still a rural treasure because of the indigenous nature of the land and the people.

In an article about Top 10 things to do and see in Panama, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa explains several destinations that would be perfect getaway. The Diablo Rosso is always a perfect way to wrap one’s day when visiting the region. It serves as home to contemporary art featuring works by several prominent people in the region. Panama City is itself a thriving economic region, especially with its current Panama Canal. See:

Panama is a thriving tourist destination because of the tropical weather, the beautiful animals and natural sights. For instance, Panama has one of the most beautiful and exotic bird view in the world. The region has over 900 species of birds. This amount is more than that hosted by Canada and the United States combined. Panama has been the only country with a virgin rainforest at its capital. The metropolitan nature on Twitter of the region has allowed visitors to experience an exclusive landscape. The region is located close to one of the most gorgeous city life.

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One man who deeply fell in love with the Panama region is Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. He moved from Venezuela a few years ago and settled in Panama. He today writes about the beautiful land and nature that the Panama region has to offer. Figueroa is a generous business person who is loved by the community. He has created time to mentor young people to lead better lives. He today runs an organization that is geared to building business startups among the young community.

Figueroa today serves in several executive positions at different companies. He has served as the President, Treasurer and Director in five separate companies. He has earned himself a reputation for being a business leader. He is today a prominent member of the Panama business community. He contributes a lot to the several economic developments experienced in Panama. He has mentored the youth where he has assisted them to grow and improve their performance within the local community.

Panama Has Everything You Could Ever Want

When you get tired of the mainstream, plastic, cookie-cutter vacations, come to Panama for a wondrous experience of a very different and very real world. There are things in this exotic locale that you simply must experience while visiting Panama according to Figueroa. With a wide range of climates, altitudes, and culture, Panama offers clean sandy beaches, quaint little villages, and huge working coffee plantations. Some of this can be found in the villages and larger cities, and the rest is spread between tall mountain views and teaming-with-life rain forests. There is something for every taste in the great country of Panama. And, because it is a major shipping route according to Figueroa, you are liable to meet people you would not expect, from everywhere on the globe.

There Is So Much Here!
Or course, Panama has long been a center of commerce for Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa, with all the great ships of the world using the Panama Canal to quickly traverse between the Eastern and Western hemispheres, saving gargantuan loads of fuel and reducing the dangers inherent in sailing around the Horn, far to the Southern tip of South America. This Southern-most Central American country is a complete paradise in the tropics. There is so much to do and see in Panama, with a diverse offering of many kinds of experiences. Be sure to visit the Panama Canal on your visit on Instagram. But, do not overlook the other wonders of this leading Latin American country. Listed below are the five most-interesting things to go and do, in no particular order.

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Panama City
The biggest city in Panama has tall buildings and a vibrant, bustling, updated culture according to Figueroa. Surrounded with a canopy of tropical jungle, this cosmopolitan city is quite unique.

Gulf of Chiriqui
This body of water is on the West coast. Sandy surf runs all along the coast. There are coral reefs with their underwater beauty and some great islands to explore with others. The marine wildlife protected areas are fascinating.

Baru Volcano
To get the best views in Panama on Tumblr, travel to the top of Baru Volcano. The indigenous peoples practice their sacred traditions on this mountain. It also has Coiba National Marine Park nearby. Surfing is a major sport here that is taken very seriously.

El Valle de Anton
Located in an extinct volcano crater, the village of El Valle de Anton sits at high altitude among lovely forests in a cool climate. It is a bird watchers paradise.