Laidlaw Company Scandals

Laidlaw & Company is a United Kingdom and the United States based personal investment bank offering investment advice, brokerage services as well as skillful execution to public and private organizations. It is situated in 546 5th Avenue, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10036. The bank mostly deals with the United States trading markets, capital raising through the placement of equity with retail investors having high net worth, the arrangement of public exchange listings, AIM-listed transactions in the United Kingdom market, acquisition financing, as well as initial public offerings. The company also extends its investment banking operations in financial restructurings, going private transactions, recapitalizations and stock repurchases.

Recently, the bank got itself in a fix after Relmanda Therapeutics filed a case against the company for its failure to honor fiduciary duty. The bank failed to honor its client’s confidentiality agreement by disclosing Relmanda’s company confidential information which lead to financial and reputation damages. The Nevada court had previously issued the Laidlaw Company and its co-principals James Ahern and Mathew Eitner an injunction and a temporary restraining order. However, Relmanda’s board has reasons to believe that they deserve more than this and had amended their complement for another hearing. They believe that Laidlaw should be responsible for their loss and compensate the company accordingly.
Some time back, the Laidlaw Company used to be called Sands Brothers co. The firm used to take investors arbitration awards at a much-discounted rate even without clients’ consent. To date, the company has more than three hundred cases waiting in the court against how they take their customers for a ride and later take the full amount without informing the client.Been registered to withdraw as a brokerage firm expanded its ability to steal more from the people. Phil Aidikoff, a litigation lawyer, sadly describes how Laidlaw Company goes against the court rulings to take the investors money since NYSE cannot exercise their punishment tool “suspension” to discipline a non-member.