Dherbs.com Cleanse: Sheryl Underwood Tries The Multipurpose Masterpiece


The Dherbs.com Cleanse program has created a buzz all over the celebrity community because of its quick results. Funny man Steve Harvey and happy actress Sheryl Underwood have both tried the system and found great success with it. The system takes a unique approach to weight loss and adds elements that can also rid the body of harmful toxins. Users get capsules that contain plant-based elements that go to work on various parts of the body. The elements that this mixture has restores and repairs areas of the body like the cardiovascular system and the lymphatic system.


Rickey Smiley Radio Show pointed out in their Dherbs.com review that the program is only 20 days long, but it is sometimes the most effective 20 days of a user’s life. The first step in the process is the detoxification step. New users must take the capsules or liquid as instructed and follow the program to the letter. That will bring the best results. Actors like Sheryl Underwood and Steve Harvey have found great success in using the Cleanse program. They lost a combined weight of more than 40 pounds just by using this system for less than three weeks. Their success was so great that they continue to use the system to this day.

An interested person can grab hold of this product by ordering it online. All of the reviews that consumers have left about the product have been positive and encouraging. The most common praises that this system gets is that it is easy to use, fast acting and even fun. Sheryl Underwood shared many smiles and giggles as she explained to interviewers that she lost 25 pounds on her first try. Steve Harvey likes the system so much that he cleanses more than three times a year. The Dherbs.com Cleanse system is great for losing weight, slimming down and increasing one’s energy level.

Sheryl Underwood loses weight on the DHERBS Full Body Cleanse

Mental Illness Affects One in Five Americans

A new article from The Huffington Post just announced that an estimated one out of every five Americans suffers from a mental health disorder. Along those lines, it is estimated that mental health conditions cost about $1 trillion each year in treatment expenses around the world. The article attempts to bring awareness to mental health issues in the wake of World Mental Health Day so that these issues are seen as public health issues that are worthy of public discussion and a focus on prevention.


The article explains that even in 2016, many doctors around the world do not take mental health conditions as seriously as they do other disorders. This is a very serious concern because mental health disorders have the potential to culminate in suicide. Even though most mental illnesses are identified as chronic conditions, very few doctors actually engage in the type of consistent and thorough follow-ups that are required for proper treatment of a chronic illness. This means that many patients are left to either self-medicate or otherwise ignore the symptoms of their mental illness over time.


Although many celebrities have utilized their status to champion for more public awareness of mental health issues, there has not been an overwhelming amount of attention devoted to mental health issues in election cycles. It is very rarely talked about as the public health crisis that it actually is, and there are really no public policy reforms being suggested as a way to address mental illness on a nation-wide scale right now. By having public figures speak out about the prevalence of mental illness and that there is absolutely no shame in seeking treatment for it, there has been an increase in the level of general acceptance of mental illness as a problem to be discussed. As more public attention is devoted to mental health issues, there will be a greater demand for increases in funding for research to find new treatments for mental illness as well as for programs focused on the prevention of mental illness. The first step is in greater acceptance of this disorder as a common problem.

Work Can Be Bad For You

If you think your job is hurting your health, you’re not the only one. A recent survey from NPR shows that many Americans think their jobs are making them less healthy.


The survey was a collaboration among NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. It asked 1600 people how they thought their jobs affected their eating, sleeping, stress, social lives and other health factors. Although only 16% of workers overall thought their jobs were unhealthy, the numbers were higher in specific industries.


Retail outlets came in as the most detrimental to health with 26% of respondents saying their jobs were not good for them. Health threats in retail include slipping on wet floors, being hit by delivery vehicles, being hit by falling objects and straining muscles by lifting.


Next were:


Construction or outdoor work 23%

Factory or manufacturing 21%

Medical 19%

Store 16%


The problems with these jobs were listed as dangerous chemicals, unhealthy air and, like retail, accidents and injuries. Sitting for long periods was also mentioned. Although office workers generally felt their jobs were safe, 24% said they feared health issues stemming from inactivity. Sitting all day is known to increase the risks of diabetes, heart disease and cancer huffingtonpost.com.


One solution is to get out of the bad work environment for a while by taking a vacation. But many workers with paid vacation days don’t use them. According to the survey, last year only 49% of workers used some or all of their paid vacation. In low-paying jobs, 47% of workers don’t get paid vacation days. To make the health situation worse, 40% of these jobs don’t offer health insurance, either.


However, some companies are trying to make the workplace healthier. Zappos, Twitter and Microsoft offer gym memberships and Sparks, Genentech and CamelBak provide healthy snacks. Twitter and SolidFire give workers unlimited paid time off. A number of large companies have good employee health insurance.


Still, many workers spend their days at a job where they’re not getting wealthy or even healthy.

Study Shows How Physical and Emotional Stress Can be Deadly Duo

Exercise is vital for maintaining a healthy heart, but exercising as a way of “blowing off steam” can actually have the opposite effect. This is the conclusion of a recent study showing similar rates of heart failure among those who were at the time exercising and those who were angry or upset. It also shows the importance of mind/body interaction.

Published in a journal of the American Heart Association, the study of heart attack sufferers involved some 12,000 citizens of more than 50 countries. According the respondents, 14 percent said they had suffered a heart attack when they were either angry or emotionally upset about something. In a strikingly similar figure, 13 percent had been stricken while they were engaged in some type of strenuous physical exercise. More about this study is available at www.reddit.com/r/Health.

According to Dr. Andrew Smyth, who headed the study, both strenuous physical activity and severe emotional strain have the effect of raising a person’s blood pressure and heart rate, factors that can lead to coronary failure. In cases where both exercise and psychological strain were combined, the risk of heart failure actually tripled. There are other issues that can further increase this risk, including one’s age and weight and whether the person engages in activities that are unhealthy, such as smoking. Commenting specifically on the psychological issue, behavioral scientist Barry Jacobs noted how the study seemed to further prove the close relationship between physical and emotional stress.

Despite its findings, the study indicated that only one in four heart attacks are directly related to either physical or emotional strain. An observer at the British Heart Association noted that most heart attacks stem directly from blockage of the arteries. However, research does show the importance of good physical and psychological health, both of which can be enhanced through moderate exercise.

The Reality of the Mental Health Crisis in America

Most people think about physical health when they consider health in general, and this makes sense. But it’s important to remember that our mental health is a large part of our overall well-being as well. Fortunately, an increasing number of people and agencies are realizing that looking at mental health is vital, and we are also collectively realizing that this area of well being often goes by the wayside.


The Realities of Mental Health in America


First, let’s start by saying that more than a fifth of Americans have some sort of mental health disorder at any given time during the year. Mental health disorders run the gamut from smaller, livable conditions, such as occasional depression or anxiety to serious, debilitating issues such as bipolar disorder.


Research in all areas of mental health are improving, and that’s the good news. The bad news starts with the fact that suicide rates have been creeping up in recent years. In the last 20 years, for example, suicide rates in young girls and teens have nearly doubled. This is a public health issue that must be addressed, and because it’s happening in such young people, the issue truly needs to be looked at for elementary kids, middle school students and high school students in addition to adults.


Another thing to be noted about mental health these days is that fact that mental health is expensive. For the whole of the nation, we spent over 200 billion dollars on mental health disorders in one recent year alone.


Finally, likely the biggest issue surrounding mental health right now is how much attention is paid to it where doctors and general health care are concerned. General practitioners do not tend to focus on mental health care even though they should. They may ask questions pertaining to overall mood, but the serious questions are rarely asked, and when patients do bring up something like depression or severe anxiety, the response from doctors is usually quick and fleeting, and the solutions are glossed over or vague.


On the individual level, we all should be sure to take a hard look at our own mental health and be our own best advocates.

Reasons Why We All Fall for Fall

Every time I say that fall is my favorite season, I get the reply, “Me, too!” Apparently, if there were a season popularity contest, fall would come out on top. Now experts are exploring the reasons behind our strong pumpkin-time preference.


Dartmouth college sociology professor Kathryn Lively says it’s because when we’re children, we learn to associate fall with pleasant things. First, there’s the excitement of starting a new school year along with new clothes and supplies. We get to see the friends we haven’t seen all summer. Then there’s Halloween candy, pumpkin pie and playing in the leaves. So when we see the orange and russet beauty of the season as adults, we re-connect with all these happy memories.


Because of this, fall becomes a temporal landmark. Temporal landmarks are important times such as birthdays, holidays or seasons. A research paper published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in 2013 says that, just as physical landmarks help us structure our perception of space, temporal landmarks help us structure our perception of time by dividing it into “chunks” ncbi.nlm.nih.gov.


These temporal landmarks tend to motivate us to improve ourselves. One of the best examples of this is making New Year’s resolutions. Another example is that the crisp fall weather may inspire you to learn to make an apple pie from scratch. You may even go back to school as an adult. Taking advantage of temporal landmarks hearkens back to our early days in school when each new school year was a fresh start. Keeping possibilities for change and improvement open gives meaning to our lives.


Besides, fall is just plain fun. We have family holidays like Thanksgiving and Rosh Hashannah, and we have the silliness of Halloween. For sports fans, there’s football and the World Series. Fall is also cozy. Sweltering summer is gone; we embrace warm comfort foods like stew and get out the favorite sweaters and blankets. Not only that, but I think fall came out first in the latest presidential race poll.

What Can the Government Do to Help Americans Consume Less Sugar?

It’s a well known fact that obesity in America is on the rise, but what can be done on a large scale? Individually and even in specific townships and localities, Americans are definitely trying to lose weight and become healthier. But perhaps a larger change needs to occur, and this may mean that the government needs to get involved.


Many people fear the nanny state situation in which the government has its hands in the personal matters of its free citizens. This is the main argument against any federal or state laws that could help motivate citizens to become healthier. But the alternative is letting the masses become overweight and obese, which causes serious problems on individual, familial, communal and national levels.


One of the biggest problems with widespread obesity is that it causes healthcare costs to skyrocket. Many people who are overweight and obese struggle with parallel health issues, such as high blood pressure and certain types of cancers. In turn, this causes these individuals to need extra medical care and more time away from work. All of us carry this burden.


Research also shows that many people who are severely overweight and obese tend to have mental health woes, including chronic depression.


Let the Government Step In


It is possible for the government to step in where obesity and health issues are concerned. First of all, when the government gets involved, it’s something that is forced upon the citizens, and it can motivate everyone in a way that cannot be self-induced. One suggestion in this arena is a soda tax.


Soda taxes would put an added percentage onto each can, bottle or glass of soda sold in the United States. Just like taxes on alcohol and cigarettes, this tax would ideally deter citizens from purchasing too many sugary drinks. In turn, the taxes that were reaped from this legislation would be used to help curb overweight, obesity and general unhealthy living in the United States.


The decision has not been made on whether this legislation has gone forth, but some cities and states are trying to initiate it.

F.D.A. Warns Against Homeopathic Teething Gels

New parents have many things to worry about. That’s because they are now experiencing a whole new world which revolves mainly around one tiny baby. There’s a whole list of things that parents should and shouldn’t do. Unfortunately, some of those things aren’t so obvious. Babies will go through all sorts of changes their first year and experience all new things, sometimes things that aren’t pleasant. One of those is teething. When a baby’s teeth start coming in, they will fuss and cry because it’s uncomfortable and kind of painful. Most parents will reach for things such as homeopathic teething gels because it helps alleviate the pain. The F.D.A. is now warning against that.


According to the NY Times, the F.D.A. is saying that parents should throw away any of those tablets and gels because they pose health risks to infants and children. These are products such as the CVS Brand, Hylands, and other ones available online and in drug stores.


The F.D.A. is currently looking into this because seizures and lethargy have been reported in children and in infants. A spokesperson says they are currently investigating the issue and manufacturers of these products are cooperating. This isn’t the first time that Hyland’s has dealt with an F.D.A. warning. In 2010, their products had inconsistent amounts of belladonna. They were able to revamp their formula and start selling their teething tablets again. It appears that after this latest investigation, they will have to do the same thing. The F.D.A. hasn’t said what component is harmful in these gels and tablets so we’ll just have to wait and see.


In the meantime, parents can seek all natural remedies for teething babies and toddlers. There are certain home remedies out there that help as well as something called a teething necklace. Overall, a parent should do what they feel comfortable doing when it comes to their child. If a child is extra fussy, there are teething toys out there that will help alleviate the pain. Otherwise, there are many small things that parents can do to make sure their child is comfortable during the rough patch of teething.

Surprising Treatment for Alzheimer’s Discovered

As previously reported on VOANews and posted on Reddit, researchers at the University of Manchester in Britain have discovered a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s in one of the most unlikely places-mefenamic acid. Mefenamic acid is a NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) used to relieve menstrual cramps. Studies have shown that mice treated with mefenamic acid no longer possess the memory issues that are associated with Alzheimer’s.

In this study, performed by David Brough and his team, twenty mice were bred to exhibit the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. One of the main symptoms these mice developed was memory loss. Once the mice began developing the Alzheimer’s symptoms, they were treated with either mefenamic acid or a placebo. This was done by implanting small pumps containing the drug under the skin of the mice. Each mouse was treated for one month with either the mefenamic acid or the placebo.

After the month of treatment, the researchers attempted to train the mice to complete a maze. The goal was to train them to get around all the obstacles in the maze without issue. The mice that had been given the placebo were virtually untrainable; they showed no sign of an improved memory. However, the mice that were treated with mefenamic acid showed no signs of memory issues; they were able to complete the maze without problem.

The researchers believe the reason for these promising results is that mefenamic acid helps to alleviate inflammation in the brain caused by Alzheimer’s, which aids in the treatment of memory loss. Thus far, mefenamic acid is the only NSAID shown to relieve inflammation in the brain. It is believed that this is due to mefenamic acid targeting the inflammatory pathway NLRP3, which other NSAIDs do not seem to target. Whether mefenamic acid is able to transfer over to the human model of Alzherimer’s is still unknown. More studies will be underway, but one day, it might help alleviate the symptoms of those suffering from the disease.

The Health Benefits of Teff

Some say that Teff is the new super grain, but is there any truth to the statement or is it just yet another myth heard in the world of health and nutrition? In 2014 a Packard Facts study revealed a 58% increase in Teff sales –as well as other ancient grains –indicating the increased interest in the consumer’s desire to eat the healthiest foods possible. The truth is, those whom think that Teff is a super grain are on to something.

The consumption of Teff on a regular basis provides users a plethora of benefits, each implementing an overall healthier, happier you. Among the notable benefits offered with the use of Teff:

– Teff is one of the most nutritious grains around, containing a combination of calcium, antioxidants, fiber, and protein.

– Regular Teff consumption keeps you regular as it aids in good digestive health.

– One of the reasons for the Teff popularity is its amazing capabilities of providing you energy. A small amount of Teff and you have the energy that you need to make it successfully through the day.

– Since Teff contains high amounts of calcium, it is a good defense against bone health. Many people do not get the required amount of calcium needed each day through traditional dietary products such as milk and cheese. A lack of calcium causes the bones to weaken and puts an individual at a greater risk of developing conditions such as osteoarthritis or fractures.

– One serving of Teff equals a full-serving of protein! Vegans and vegetarians especially benefit from the protein found in the grain.

– Contains 8 amino acids

Enjoying an array of easy-to-attain benefits to your health has never been so easy! Best of all, there are many more additional benefits you’ll enjoy with the introduction of the Teff grain into your life along with those listed above.

Teff is easy to prepare, great to enjoy with any meal, and certainly highly beneficial to your health, as you can understand from the above information. Heed the advice of those who know best and make Teff a staple item in your kitchen.