F.D.A. Warns Against Homeopathic Teething Gels

New parents have many things to worry about. That’s because they are now experiencing a whole new world which revolves mainly around one tiny baby. There’s a whole list of things that parents should and shouldn’t do. Unfortunately, some of those things aren’t so obvious. Babies will go through all sorts of changes their first year and experience all new things, sometimes things that aren’t pleasant. One of those is teething. When a baby’s teeth start coming in, they will fuss and cry because it’s uncomfortable and kind of painful. Most parents will reach for things such as homeopathic teething gels because it helps alleviate the pain. The F.D.A. is now warning against that.


According to the NY Times, the F.D.A. is saying that parents should throw away any of those tablets and gels because they pose health risks to infants and children. These are products such as the CVS Brand, Hylands, and other ones available online and in drug stores.


The F.D.A. is currently looking into this because seizures and lethargy have been reported in children and in infants. A spokesperson says they are currently investigating the issue and manufacturers of these products are cooperating. This isn’t the first time that Hyland’s has dealt with an F.D.A. warning. In 2010, their products had inconsistent amounts of belladonna. They were able to revamp their formula and start selling their teething tablets again. It appears that after this latest investigation, they will have to do the same thing. The F.D.A. hasn’t said what component is harmful in these gels and tablets so we’ll just have to wait and see.


In the meantime, parents can seek all natural remedies for teething babies and toddlers. There are certain home remedies out there that help as well as something called a teething necklace. Overall, a parent should do what they feel comfortable doing when it comes to their child. If a child is extra fussy, there are teething toys out there that will help alleviate the pain. Otherwise, there are many small things that parents can do to make sure their child is comfortable during the rough patch of teething.