George Soros offers great insights for Ukraine’s economic turmoil

All has not been well at the European continent. There have been frequent struggles with Russia showing aggression and frequently displaying its territorial ambitions on The European central bank has been playing a lead role to keep the countries’ currencies afloat. The shared currency value of Europe has been experiencing huge pressure as a new recession is at the horizon. Amidst all these trouble and hopeless situation comes hope from George Soros. He is a famous billionaire and investor who has the solution to the problems faced in the UK.

Soros has always urged the Ukrainian government to change its policy without success. Soros has argued on several occasions and in different publications that European leaders and leaders within the European Union and commission should reexamine if they have a real commitment to assisting Ukraine. He notes that leaders that are already committed to posing sanctions to Russia do not mean well. The sanctions come with a clear knowledge that Russia is facing a currency crisis. Were it not for its foreign currency reserves, the currency would have already defaulted. Soros notes that Russia was previously able to unload to the China for some debt relief. George Soros has argued in his publications that even though the strategy has not been fully realized, there is still a missing key to make it fully effective.

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Soros solution to the European troubles is that Ukraine should opt for a debt relief. Having studied the European markets well, he indicates that the previous euro crisis led to a big shortage of funds. The EU budget was left in short of funds. The Europe was not on a forward growth path too. Its member states were clinging to their contributions towards the budget of the EU. George Soros advises that the European leaders had to solve the Greek crisis but mishandled the entire situation. They never allowed the Greece to be in full control of the entire reform process. They imposed their own reform programs to the country.

Just at the start of the crisis, George Soros became a frequent commenter. As a high public profile person, Soros used his image to condemn the Russian aggression as experienced in Ukraine. He then argued for a better response from the Europeans. Soros was writing his publications as early as February 2014. He had written several pieces that had an aim to unify Europe’s response to crisis. He notes how Russia took on a better strategic position towards Ukraine.

Soros has continually argued through publications towards the Ukraine crisis even as early as 2014. He was particularly hear in 2015 when there came an economic crisis that reached its boiling point. Mr. Soros has argued that Russia’s leadership has played the European Union. He notes that the absence of a united resistance, it has been difficult to expect whether the Russian leadership is going to stop pushing UK to even greater influence over Europe. Europe and USA have always determined to avoid any military conflict with Russia. Russia seems to be taking advantage of this.