Singer Kesha’s Court Battle with Dr Luke Over Medical Records

In her long-running sexual assault legal battle with Dr. Luke, singer Kesha may be compelled to release her private medical reports that run into over 900 pages. Kesha Rose Sebert is seeking to prevent Dr. Luke, whose legal full name is Lukasz Gottwald from making public these medical records.


The attorneys defending Kesha are suggesting that Dr. Luke’s only intent is using the medical records to waste her resources and in embarrassing her. The order request from Kesha comes after the legal team working for Dr. Luke refused to keep the 913 pages of Kesha’s psychiatric, rehabilitation and gynecological medical records confidential.


The defense team for Dr. Luke has made clear their position. In their opinion, it is the Court that should decide if the medical information on the singer ought to remain confidential and not her lawyers, especially following her public disclosures.


Kesha’s Defense Argument


In a request to a judge in New York, Kesha seeks to have a protective order issued that will keep her medical files private.


Through her attorney, James Pearl, the appeal states that she now fears that Lukasz Gottwald is seeking to disseminate and disclose her personal medical records in order to harass and embarrass her. The personal medical reports cover her gynecological, psychiatric, and rehab records over a period that goes back 10 years and she is worried that they could stand at risk of becoming ‘public fodder’.


The Kesha defense team asserts that the restrictive motion is purely protective. Dr. Luke obtained Kesha’s medical records in efforts to disprove her allegations on emotional and sexual abuse. Following the amount of public attention garnered by the lawsuit, it’s natural that she will want to ensure that her medical privacy is upheld.


The sexual assault legal battle against Dr. Luke began two years ago, when the singer filed a lawsuit against the music producer alleging that at only age 18, he convinced her to drop out of high school, only to manipulate and abuse her throughout her singing career. She has also sought to have her contract that ties her to Dr. Luke and Sony Music terminated. A protective order motion hearing has been scheduled to be heard on Wednesday, 26th October.