Clay Siegall and his Trip to Success

The world is a strange place, especially when it comes to illness and disease that effects many of us. Cancer is one illness that has only seemed to have gotten worse over the past few decades. It affects millions of new people each year, and is something that does not discriminate against race, religion or location. The quest for the answer to cancer has been one that seems bleak and impossible to reach. Research has been going on around the clock for many years with barely anything to show for it save for dangerous chemotherapy options and no actual guarantee that anything beneficial will actually happen. In order to battle cancer in all of its forms Clay Siegall and his associates at Seattle Genetics are trying to find more avenues that can exceed what has already been done.

Clay Siegall is responsible for founding Seattle Genetics in 1998, and is a well known doctor and scientist in the fight against cancer. Seattle Genetics is responsible for developing and creating anti-bodies that are potentially powerful answers to cancer cell growth within the Human body. Multiple pharmaceutical companies have already formed powerful alliances with Seattle Genetics in relation to these breakthroughs. Companies such as Pfizer and Genetech are only a few of the names associated with Siegall’s work, and as more development is made through research in his labs it is no surprise that there will be closer answers to the problem of cancer to be found in the near future.

Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics are experts in their field, meaning that they are completely capable in eventually locating a desirable answer to the issue of cancer. The fight continues to this day without any end in sight, although thanks to Siegall and his continued efforts there is a closer solution than there was before. This means wonderful chances for the future and a brighter tomorrow for everyone involved in medicine as a result of that.