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While you should certainly expect your lawyer or attorney’s office to be attentive to your needs, you must also realize that these matters often take time. Do not call your attorney every day or expect a return call right way, as legal advisers are often out of the office in court proceedings. However, you ought to receive a return call within two or three days.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a Brazilian attorney, is a top-notch rated attorney that concentrates on business law. He is well known in the Brazilian business and legal communities as a tough litigation Ricardo Tosto takes the time to listen to his clients, and make sense of their issue. Mr Ricardo Tosto operates several highly successful law firms in Brazil and comes highly recommended in the industry.

Mr Ricardo Tosto pays very good attention to each client he represents and tries to let them understand what they are dealing with and what to expect. He explains the nature of their case and the possible outcome they should expect. Ricardo Tosto has practiced business and corporate litigation for many years and is well versed in all matters pertaining to business disputes, shareholder disputes, insurance matters and business structure. He is a knowledgeable person and reputable lawyer.

The Different Ways Cone Marshall Is Revolutionizing Property And Tax Laws

As a leading firm in New Zealand, Cone Marshall has remained among the best law firms in the regions due to the fact they have managed to keep their practice clean and in line with the requirements of the law. The firm is known for their prowess intax and property litigation, an area that has elevated them to work with international clients.

Through the focused leadership provided by different professionals in the company, Cone Marshall has managed to establish a practice that has covered more areas perfectly than any other firm in the country. They have invited support from experienced professionals with more than 10 years in the practice in different categories.

In 2005, Karen Marshall joined Cone Marshall and one year later she was elevated to work as the principal, a position she has perfectly held to date. Before she started working with Cone Marshall, Karen was dealing with commercial litigation and she worked in this area for at least ten years. She has perfected her skills in different areas of law and her dedication to see the achievement of a strong legal force within the country has seen her remain relevant while working at Cone Marshall.

To complement her efforts, Karen works with Geoffrey Cone, a professional with a great career and experience in matters law. The success of Geoffrey in the legal arena dates back to 1980 when he started his career working in different areas of law. He has since advanced his practice and adopted an approach that is helping to shape the future of law in the country.

At Cone Marshall, Geoffrey has maintained the need to enhance fair practice and the dedication to offer quality services that every client will appreciate, and this resolve has pushed Cone Marshall to emerge as a strong and dedicated firm ready to uphold the rule of law.

About Cone Marshall
Cone Marshall is a law firm that is based in New Zealand. The firm has grown from a small entity in 1999 to the current internationally recognized body that is working with clients from different jurisdictions. Some of the areas Cone Marshall is working on to assist clients include tax and property laws, something that has helped to earn the company a reputation due to the positive services they offer their clients. Additionally, Cone Marshall has not had any cases of non compliance to the law since the firm has invested to see that all what is required to enhance the quality of service is availed.

Visit Cone Marshall’s website to learn more about the practice.

Brenda Wardle Continues To Provide Legal Insights In The Oscar Pistorius Case

The Oscar Pistorius legal case continues to grab the imagination of the general public around the world, which continues the strong tradition the general public has of having an interest in true crime. One of the major reasons for the continued interest in the death of the girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, of Oscar Pistorius is that the well known athlete does not contest he fired the shots that killed the model. Pistorius maintains he believed his home was under threat from criminals when he shot through the bathroom door and killed Steenkamp, a position investigated by Brenda Wardle in her upcoming book on the globally known case.

Legal analyst Brenda Wardle has a long history of providing expert commentary on some of the best known cases in South African legal history. However, she became a globally recognized figure after appearing on news media outlets explaining the legal process taking place under South African law during the trial. Wardle appeared as a legal expert on the Oscar Pistorius trial for major news outlets like the British Broadcasting Corporation and Sky News.

Brenda Wardle does have the knowledge and skills to provide expert commentary on the trial of Oscar Pistorius because of the three law degrees she has achieved under the South African education system. Not only has Wardle looked to continue her education throughout her life, but also continues to provide academic analysis of the major cases being discussed under South African law. Wardle has published academic papers in many of the top legal journals on the African continent, and has managed to fit in the time to complete a number of short stories and a novel based upon her own life.

The ongoing state of the Oscar Pistorius case means the story has not yet been finished as prosecutors continue to seek out the definitive version on the death of Reeva Steenkamp. Appeals are ongoing into the case as the defendant looks to clear his name of homicide as prosecutors look to make sure a stronger sentence is obtained for Pistorius himself. The legal case remains difficult for many outside South Africa to understand, but Brenda Wardle’s upcoming “To Kill A Rose” should go some way to aiding those who wish to understand the case in all its intricate details.