Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa – Photo Tips

In a recent online article on, photographer Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa shares tips on how to take better photos on your Smartphone. Figueroa says that it is the same principles as with any camera. You have to have a good eye for the scene, proper lighting, and an understanding of photographic depth. He says that these suggestions can mean the difference between an okay photograph to a fantastic one.

Take Time For Your Photos

Figueroa says that in the beginning, picture qualities were low on phones. Today, he says, they can take pictures as well as a camera. He suggests that you take time to make sure that your subject, lighting, and angle are good. It can improve the quality of your Smartphone photos on Tumblr.

Use The Principles of Photography Composition

There are basic guidelines for taking a picture, says Figueroa. First, there is the rule of three. The most important parts of the picture should be about one-third of the beginning of one side of the picture. Trimming can help make the picture better if it has a poor composition, says the article.

Take Closer Pictures

Since smartphones do not have optical zoom, you often get a lot of distortion in the picture, says the article. Instead of having to do a lot of photo editing, Figueroa suggests that you approach what you want to photograph on Getting up close for pictures makes them look good. He says that you can practice taking pictures of small things, and then taking the picture again close-up. There are also zoom lenses available for smartphones, he says.

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Turn Off The Flash

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa says that flash can create unwanted shadows and highlights; so, he recommends that you turn it off. Natural lighting is the best for pictures. It makes the illumination more balanced. If need be, he says, you can make a fader for your flash.

Use Camera Apps

There are several apps that Figueroa recommends for quality photography with your smartphone. He says they have more options, like adjusting zoom and exposure. He uses ProCamera as an app. Even though you will have to pay for a good photo app, Figueroa says it will be worth it.

Understand Your Camera App Options

One of the benefits of using a photo app is that you can adjust the options that best fit what you want to photograph, says Figueroa. Since some applications can be complex, Figueroa suggests that you find an online tutorial or a YouTube video to show you about all of the options. You can also do a little experimenting to find out the best options for your photography.

Use The HDR Moderately

The High Dynamic Range is good to help balance reflections and shadows, says Figueroa. However, it can create pictures that seem out of place if it is overused. He suggests that you keep HDR in automatic mode. The camera app can decide when it is best to be used.

Moderate Use of Filters

There are a lot of photo apps that allow you to use filters. Figueroa says that you should use them wisely. They can be boring if they are used on all of your pictures, he says.

Always Keep Your Lens Clean

Since your phone is usually in your pocket all day long, there is a chance that the lens can get dirty. Figueroa says that you should keep a cleaning cloth with you to clean the lens and the screen. It can make the difference in better photos, he says.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a professional executive originally from Venezuela. He currently serves as Treasurer, Director, and President in five different companies in Panama. His longest appointment has been four years and eight months since the winter of 2011. He is a well-known entrepreneur.

Figueroa has been a prominent member of the business community of Panama. He helps businesses grow and mentors young leaders. He also helps with improving economic conditions. Figueroa enjoys photography as a hobby.