Handy Cleaning Co. Uses Technology to Keep Employees & Customers Both Satisfied

In a world where most households are two income families, keeping one’s home in a presentable condition can be difficult when everyone has to work at other jobs. Even home based business keep their owners busy enough that household chores are often put on hold because after all, earning a living has to come first. That’s when people with the Handy cleaning app on their phone give them a call and all the chores go away leaving them with a clean home or office.

Fairly treated, content cleaning professionals play a large part in Handy’s success. The average minimum wage isn’t much more than $ 10 in the U.S. and beginning wage for workers at Handy’s cleaning service starts at $ 15 with the average being in the $ 18 per hour category. Cleaning can be hard work but Handy‘s employees know the wage stats mentioned as well as anyone and don’t mind “putting their backs into it” to keep a job that pays so well.

Some people might think of cleaning up after other’s as a less than desirable way to earn money but the fact is, the cleaning business in the U.S. thrives for good reason. Because as NYC TechMommy.com reveals a busy person doesn’t have time for dishes, cleaning windows, dusting or scrubbing toilets is not an indication they are too lazy to do their own chores, there is simply not enough time in the day to accomplish all that needs to be done. Handy cleaning is doing very well and with the new app, things are only going to get even better. Fact is, cleaning professionals working for them already make more than the average office clerk.

Barely two years after launching, the Handy brand announced it easily books more than $1 million a week helping people keep their environments clean and comfortable. That’s a lot of money by anyone’s standards and goes to show that people are more than willing to pay for a service when they know things are going to be done right. Handy employees are strict in their work habits, they do not take short-cuts to be finished early, and they leave satisfied customers behind them. That’s the true reason for Handy’s success. Yes, the phone app and ease of using it to order a service is attractive, but all else aside, if the cleaning professionals Handy hires weren’t so fairly treated, Handy wouldn’t be making that $1 million a week.

There is more to Handy cleaning than household chores. Although 85% of the companies income is currently generated through cleaning services, they aren’t stopping with that. Handyman and some plumbing services are also offered and this will make Handy the “one stop for all” kind of service that busy people all over the world will appreciate and make use of. With offices in the U.S., Canada and London they may have to add the word “global” to their company name.