Re-purposing Tips To Make Senior Citizens’ Lives Better

People live much longer and happier lives than they did in previous generations. When these same people stay active and engaged, they can remain in good health as well. It’s tough to get old, but it can be done gracefully. There are tools and tricks that are guaranteed to make life a bit easier.

Barbara Beskind, a former Army Occupational Therapist, has come up with some ingenious ideas to cope better in the physical world. For people with vision problems, she recommends that a Lazy Susan is used in the refrigerator in cases where it is difficult to see what’s in the back. Also, Beskind put small bumps on her phone to distinguish the answer button. reports that Beskind has worked at Ideo as a designer since 2014. She is 92 years old and she knows first-hand what works and what doesn’t. Younger designers don’t have that advantage.

Instead of buying fancy expensive gadgets, creativity is encouraged in inventing the best re-purpose. The goal is to keep the costs down by using simple everyday objects found in the home. These items are re-purposed. For example, seniors can put a bar of soap inside a nylon stocking. This can be hung in the shower. The soap doesn’t have to be picked up from the floor, it won’t be stepped on, and it provides exfoliation for the skin.

Rubber bands can be put around cups to make them easier to grip. Medications can be easily organized in a shoebox. Drugs and dosages can be tracked in a small notebook that fits into the shoebox. The whole shebang can be transported to a doctor’s appointment. Many of these tricks are simply common sense.