Products to Use for a Healthy Skin

Prolonged exposures of the sun, lack of some nutrients in the body, environment pollution, medical condition, prolonged use of chemical cosmetics and poor lifestyle are some of the major contributors of delicate skin. In most cases, unhealthy skin is likely to be dark, dull or with an uneven skin tone. Most people use skin-lightening products in the market, which are unsafe to their skin health. Sometimes using these skin-lightening products can cause many skin problems than the pre-existing ones. Here are some remedies to help you treat your skin without side effects.


Yogurt contains vitamins that are vital for skin health. It also contains lactic acid, which can bleach the skin. You can use a mixture of yogurt, oat food and lemon juice on your face for a healthy and lightened skin. Daily use of the combination is recommended for it be effective.


Oranges can also be used in skin bleaching, they contain vitamin C which is needed for healthy skin, applying a mixture of orange juice and turmeric daily and washing it off after 30 minutes will help you get a less dark and healthy skin.


Honey is one of the best-known remedies for skin problems. By applying it daily on your face and removing it using warm water after a couple of minutes will help achieve stunning results. You can also create a facial mask for good skin health and balance skin complexion. The mask can be made by mixing honey with lemon juice and turmeric powder. This will help you bleach your skin and improve its health condition.

Caviar Clarifying Glycerin

This is one the Makari products that help one to reduce black spots on the skin contains ingredients that makes the skin seem younger and healthy. The product is clinically proven and has worked well with lots of people who have used it.

Makari is a Switzerland-based Skin Care products manufacturing company. Makari products are made using natural ingredients to ensure that they are efficient and no adverse side effects arise after using them. For the period the brand has been on the market, it is received a positive response from their customers after using their products.