Smoothies Narrowly Defeat Fruit Juices As A Top Choice

Smoothies are wildly popular among fitness fans. A good smoothie can be great prior to a workout and an excellent recovery option after a hard, strenuous session in the gym. Classic fruit juices are still popular leading many to wonder if a smoothie is better than juices or vice versa. The answer really depends on why someone is reaching for a beverage and what his/her goals are. In general, however, a smoothies is the better option.

A juice is okay is a person wants a simple beverage and a reliable source of carbohydrates. Fruit juices are going to be loaded with carbs along with vitamins and other nutrients. Smoothies, however, can do the same thing while providing a full meal replacement. Also, certain smoothies could be made without many carbohydrates. Peanut butter, ice, and unsweetened almond milk won’t have many carbs. A glass of cranberry juice, however, is going to have a significant amount of them. For those wanting to avoid a blood sugar spike, juices are certainly worth avoiding.

Fruit, of course, could be selected as an ingredient in smoothies. Bananas, blueberries, strawberries and more are perfect for tossing into the blender with yogurt, soy milk, protein powder, and more. These are the real deal. That is, they are actual fruit and not just extracted juice. All the nutrients are kept in the smoothie along with the fruit pulp. The pulp should fill the stomach and keep someone from being hungry afterwards. A fruit beverage, while valuable in some ways, is just a liquid. A lot of calories come with nothing to fill the stomach. As such, no meal ends up being replaced.