Assisted Living Facilities Encourage Seniors Stay Active


It is a common misconception that seniors do not get enough exercise when residing in an assisted living facility. There are plenty of facilities that encourage seniors to stay as active as possible.


Seniors who stay active can improve their memory, prevent depression and strengthen their muscles and bones. They have the strength to complete their daily tasks and take part in their favorite activities. Seniors who do not stay active are at risk for weak muscles, depression, memory loss and injury. This is why assisted living facilities offer programs that promote an active lifestyle. Your loved one can participate in exercise classes, sports games and field trips.


One assisted living facility that encourages an active lifestyle is The Manse On Marsh. The facility is located at 475 Marsh Street, San Luis Obispo, California. Seniors who reside in this facility have the opportunity to live in their own space, take part in fun activities and receive the quality care they deserve. The Manse On Marsh also offers an Atrium complete with a movie theater, salon and library. This allows seniors to enjoy various activities without leaving the community.


The Manse On Marsh offers a range of exercise programs to all seniors, such as Zumba, Jazzercise, In Shape and Manse-ercise. The Balance and Strength class is designed to prevent falls and injuries. Seniors can also take part in various sports programs, such as bowling, bocce ball, bean bag toss, golf, basketball and baseball. The programs are designed to keep seniors moving at an easy pace without sacrificing the exercise they need.


The Manse On Marsh offers more than just exercise and sports programs to keep seniors active. There are various events that encourage an active lifestyle in the community. Seniors can strengthen their leg muscles and get some fresh air by taking part in the neighborhood walk. The staff also schedules regular trips to stores, the library and restaurants.


It is important for seniors to keep their active lifestyle for as long as possible. This is why many assisted living facilities offer exercise programs, sports games and field trips to keep seniors moving.  That’s one of the huge parts of SeniorHousingNet’s review actually.