The Health Benefits of Teff

Some say that Teff is the new super grain, but is there any truth to the statement or is it just yet another myth heard in the world of health and nutrition? In 2014 a Packard Facts study revealed a 58% increase in Teff sales –as well as other ancient grains –indicating the increased interest in the consumer’s desire to eat the healthiest foods possible. The truth is, those whom think that Teff is a super grain are on to something.

The consumption of Teff on a regular basis provides users a plethora of benefits, each implementing an overall healthier, happier you. Among the notable benefits offered with the use of Teff:

– Teff is one of the most nutritious grains around, containing a combination of calcium, antioxidants, fiber, and protein.

– Regular Teff consumption keeps you regular as it aids in good digestive health.

– One of the reasons for the Teff popularity is its amazing capabilities of providing you energy. A small amount of Teff and you have the energy that you need to make it successfully through the day.

– Since Teff contains high amounts of calcium, it is a good defense against bone health. Many people do not get the required amount of calcium needed each day through traditional dietary products such as milk and cheese. A lack of calcium causes the bones to weaken and puts an individual at a greater risk of developing conditions such as osteoarthritis or fractures.

– One serving of Teff equals a full-serving of protein! Vegans and vegetarians especially benefit from the protein found in the grain.

– Contains 8 amino acids

Enjoying an array of easy-to-attain benefits to your health has never been so easy! Best of all, there are many more additional benefits you’ll enjoy with the introduction of the Teff grain into your life along with those listed above.

Teff is easy to prepare, great to enjoy with any meal, and certainly highly beneficial to your health, as you can understand from the above information. Heed the advice of those who know best and make Teff a staple item in your kitchen.