What Can Shea do for You?


Shea butter is not only one of the most common main ingredients in lotions and creams, but it is an all around amazing moisturizer that is great for all skin types. It has both moisturizing and healing properties that contribute to better skin. Whether you are devoted to shea butter or have never used it on its own before, you may be surprised at some of the ways you can use it.


Shea butter can be used in combination with your makeup routine. Mix it with some of your fine powder to create a paste-like substance that goes on flawlessly. It also helps to keep your face moisturized throughout the day. While this tip is great for all year-round, it is especially beneficial for people who are prone to dry skin in the winter months because of the moisture that it provides to the skin and the face.


There are also other uses for shea butter including helping the nails to remain strong while they are being moisturized. It can be applied to the full nail or to just the cuticle to make sure that it gets into the dry skin around the nails. Similarly, it can be used in the hair to help moisturize it and make it strong.


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