IAP Worldwide Services Secures A $900 Million U.S. Navy Contract

The U.S. Navy awarded IAP Worldwide Services a support contract worth $900 million. This makes the company one of the four corporations to have been awarded indefinite-quantity and indefinite-delivery contract by the Navy. The deal will see the company provide support to the American troops across the world. Announcement of the agreement to the public was made in late September.

IAP’s management was pleased with the terms of the contract. Speaking after the deal had been signed, Doug Kitani pointed out that IAP Worldwide Services’ commitment to its duties is one of the reason why the Navy trusted it to supply important products and services. The company’s chief executive officer continued to assert that many businesses across the globe rely on the services provided by the corporation. He assured IAP’s customers that the company would remain committed to excellence and providing them with innovative solutions to their demands.

IAP started providing the Department of Defense with contingency-based support back in the 90s. One of its primary clients has been the Air Force. Over the years, the company has been offering innovative contingency support services. This way, it has been the only company to be selected for all the four Air Force Contract Augmentation Program.

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According to the contract, IAP Worldwide Services will provide the Navy with different services, including facility support services. To this end, the company will back incidental constructions resulting from natural disasters, incumbent breaks in services at various locations across the globe, and humanitarian efforts.

The contracting authority of the Navy, The Naval Facilities Engineering Command, expects the contract to be completed by September 2024. However, the deal may take longer or a short time depending on various factors. The contract may end if it reaches its maximum value of $900 million early.

IAP was founded in 1953 as Pan AM World Services. Over the last six decades, the company has undergone several changes, including ownership, naming, and the services that it provides to its broad client base. IAP Worldwide Services has a special place in the American history given its involvement in the space program. The company constructed Cape Canaveral space launch complex.

The company has been attracting a large pool of employees. Currently, IAP Worldwide has several vacancies. It is looking for qualified individuals to fill them. Some of the available positions are lodging specialists, contracts manager, senior financial analyst, field services representative, and program finance analyst. Job seekers can apply for these opportunities directly through the company’s website, where they can also find additional details on various positions.

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