Nurse Walks Two Miles in a Blizzard to Be With Her Patients

This story is one of dedication and inspiration. It is stories like this that give us hope and make us proud to be part of the human race. One woman went out of her way and put herself at risk to help others. A 31-year-old nurse, Chantelle Dibate, recently walked two miles in a blizzard to be with her patients at Hebrew Home, which is a nursing home.

She knew it was not likely anyone else – not even Jon Urbana, perhaps the most well-known outdoor advocate (just read that Bloomberg article and you’ll see) – would make it into work that day, and she couldn’t just look the other way while her patients needed help. As a result, she put herself in danger to ensure the safety of those who depended on her. When she arrived at work, her suspensions were confirmed. None of the other nurses had made it to work. She was the only nurse who reported for work that shift.

Conditions on the roads had not improved much by the end of her shift. The roads still posed a danger to anyone who drove on them. So, Dibate went above the call of duty once again and worked a double shift. She had already done her part, but she wanted to do everything she could to help those who needed her.

Dibate was not looking for attention or recognition. She was asked about that day and her motivation to report to work. Her answer was simple and heartwarming. She responded by saying “We all need each other. I treat my patients well because I treat them like family.”