Terrifying Anime You Won’t Want to Watch at Night


The thrill of fear from killers, ghosts, and flesh-eating ghouls is bone chilling excitement that we all crave. Here are five terrifying dark anime that are guaranteed to send you running for the light switch.



Dr. Kenzo Tenma is faced with the moral quandary of his career, should he save the life of a child or the life of the mayor of Dusseldorf? Deciding to save the life of the child seemed like the correct decision, but when he discovers the child he saved has become a murderer his entire world is turned upside down.


Serial Experiments Lain

Lain Iwakura receives an email from a friend who committed suicide. Her friend says she is still alive in the world of the “wired” and it is now up to Lain to discover what this world is and how far it goes.


Tokyo Ghoul

Ghouls, human-like beasts that survive by eating human flesh, have inhabited Tokyo and are devouring the population. Ken Keneki is attacked by a Ghoul but survives only to become a Half Ghoul-human that must now survive in a struggle against himself.



The mysterious student Mei Misaki attends a classroom where another student also named Misaki died 26 years earlier. When other students begin to die again Mei, joined by Koichi Sakakibara, has to figure out the reason this is happening before her classmates also meet a perilous fate.


Hell Girl

Would you send someone to hell if you could? A mysterious website has emerged on the internet that purports to send anyone whose name is entered into the website at midnight to hell. The only catch is the person who types the name is also banished to hell for eternity when they die.