Words Matter: George Soros is an Inspiration in way of Abiding by His Own Set of Principles

George Soros Acted with Great Courage when Confronted with the Persons Confused by the Ideology of Anti-Semitism:

George Soros is a well-known billionaire. Mr. Soros pulls a great deal of weight, within the nation, due to his prosperous life and his donations to that of influential liberal causes. He began thinking, courageously, when just fourteen years of age, and growing up amidst persons who were less than favorable toward the Jewish population. It was fourteen year old George Soros who served as the messenger for the Budapest Jewish Council, who had planned to keep the Jewish populace of the city in control, from a harmonious standpoint, by suggesting the Jewish people follow every instruction originating from the Gestapo. In getting along, the organization thought, the action was the best way to avoid becoming fatalities. George Soros went about alerting the Jewish populace to act in a non-engaging manner. He did not think it right that the people go to various collection points throughout the city. The organization, naturally, wanted him to tell the people about these collection points and to report to them—as instructed by the Gestapo. However, the message George delivered was truly the best way the Jewish populace could avoid death. Persons, who summarily obeyed going to the collection points, as we know now, did not fare so well. So, George Soros Nazi was on the right track . . . . . realizing, full-well, the intent of his enemies. Persons did what they could in order to get around the negative behaviors directed toward Jews. One individual survived by forging Passports and bribing Nazis. George did his part in instructing his people to act defiantly and not as solid citizens, because he knew the Nazis were tricking them.

One Person Who Makes Constant Comments about the Industrious and Prosperous Soros is the Tea Party Enthusiast Glenn Beck:

Glenn Beck, as many realize, is a well-known, so-called Conservative Commentator. He does not seem to prefer many persons of liberal persuasion, and, recently, has set up a campaign against George. George Soros is very passive as to Mr. Beck’s comments, since so many of his comments, are basically ridiculous. However, there are persons, in mainstream America, who truly do not understand politics and are taking the comments at face value. The underlying note, a person of intelligence, realizes, is that Mr. Beck’s comments, reek of discrimination, and true envy of George. Mr. Beck depicts the industrious Mr. Soros as “the most powerful man on earth”. Really? Where are his statistics as to this claim? He suggests such a man can take down governmental institutions. Okay: Mr. Soros shrugs his shoulders—he is influential and he is wealthy—and he has performed many great feats of heroism. He is supportive of balanced liberal causes—all attributes which, characteristically, are commendable. However, this other nonsense, conveyed by Beck, is hotly rather pathetic.

George Soros, realistically, was instrumental, not to sound too brazenly cliché, in being one of the persons that brought communist activities to a conclusion. The Communists came into force after the Nazis reign of power ended, in Mr. Soros part of the world. He did his part in minimizing the effects of the other extremist group.

George as Smuggler: Yes. . . Sure. . . . Why Not?

Mr. George Soros, while in Budapest, opened his first Open Society establishment, during the early portion of the eighties. It was during this decade, that every single typewriter was required to be registered by law enforcement officials. George was successful in smuggling office machines into the city. Did he mock the officials as to their restrictive controls? Of course he did. Those controls were unnecessary and very limiting. Open Societies were founded all over the Soviet dominated areas of the world.

George Soros, proved a very courageous individual in taking down Communist Control:

It was during the eightieth Birthday celebration, of Mr. Soros, that notable Lord Mark Malloch Brown stated that four individuals were responsible for truly taking down Communism: Those individuals were Pope John Paul II, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan and George Soros. Certain matters are required in order to take down the forces of evil—and Mr. Soros has demonstrated a great deal of perseverance and demonstration of thinking for himself—in this regard. (The last comment is that of the author.)

Mr. Soros: A Person Wishing to Take Control of the Government: Are You Kidding Me?

Mr. Soros, due to his strength of character is able to shrug off even the most abrasive type of libel from persons like Mr. Beck. He is immeasurably proud of the fact that he conducts his own thought-processes. Mr. Soros does not care what others say or think about him: because he is well aware of his true identity which is “a man of character.” He knows when to act with grace, and knows when not to engage trickery. How is it, he is so enormously successful, if the preceding statement is not true? He does not need, validation, in other words, from any person or any social club. George Soros is an outstanding individual who is very much in control of his actions as well as his own mind.

Mr. Beck Acts as if True Character is Some Kind of Threat to Society:

Why is Mr. Beck painting George as some type of villain? Glenn Beck, has an enormous audience, and through no fault of their own—that audience is not too worldly. Let us face it: some persons are just day-to-day, and hear bits and parts of Mr. Beck’s commentary. Those individuals do not have time to research and truly investigate Mr. Beck’s statements. Their thinking is: Well, he is on the radio each day—he must have something worthwhile to say. This is to say, even though, Mr. Beck’s out-of-touch with reality thinking may be somewhat amusing, due to the level of ridiculousness of his crazed, off-the-wall comments; he still has that mass audience—who are only listening to bits and pieces of Mr. Beck’s commentary: problem? Yes. The truth of the matter is: George Soros is someone to be admired and respected, not someone who is “public enemy number one.”

Many persons, in Hungary, at the time when George Soros was growing up did not make it. One reporter states that her grandparents did not make it, during the Nazi’s reign of terror. She further added that once the Communists came to the forefront, her parents were incarcerated by them. Words may be meaningless to some individuals, however, words are the focus when they are misleading individuals. In order to combat such meaningless words, it is important persons understand that there are two sides to the coin, not just one. In other words, that street runs both ways.

Information about George Soros:

George Soros was born in Budapest in the 30s. He spent his growing up years avoiding the Nazis. He was able to survive because his father, wisely, disguised the family’s Jewish heritage by forging certain documents and by providing his family members with that of false identifications. Naturally, the preceding actions were necessary in order to avoid the wrath of the political hate mongers. When George was a teenager he experienced the early portion of a Communist Dictatorship.

George went to England, on his own, and participated in a study curriculum at the London School of Economics. He discovered, while in England, that he had a true talent, in way of understanding the financial markets.

He, next, took a position on Wall Street, in 1956. Mr. Soros’s parents later joined him in New York.

Mr. Soros is a self-made billionaire. He is number 35 on the Forbes list of the world’s richest people.

Mr. Soros has made and currently makes his billions in the world of currency and stock speculation. He has a keen eye for leveraging. Additionally, he has supported many movements, wherein, freedom of people was the priority. He has probably done more than any other average citizen in taking down the activities associated with Communism. He is very pro-Democracy. He has been known to fund such political causes as Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign.

When Persons Here the Anti-Sematic Theme: One Cannot Help But Think—Hmmm. . . . .Is Mr. Beck Jealous of George?

George is anything but, what Mr. Beck promotes. Mr. Beck likes to depict courageous George Soros as that of a funder of anti-totalitarian and liberal causes. It is unlikely that Barack Obama’s former United Presidential campaign should be an area of deep concern. He suggests Mr. Soros is an Anti-Semite (?) Huh? What? Mr. Beck has that confused. Mr. Soros spent his life and boyhood in support of his people, acting truly courageous. He mentions that George is somehow responsible for the Holocaust. Okay: Is this not as ridiculous as saying that George could bring down governmental entities. Yes: he is influential in acting in a historical heroic manner, in standing up to the forces of evil; however, bring down governments just to do it—why? If persons know George and understand the ridiculousness of Mr. Beck’s comments, they would know full-well: What nonsense.

George Soros is a model human-being. He is a hybrid, within the human dynamic. If anything, Mr. Soros should be applauded for his grit, determination, fortitude and single-minded thinking. He probably saved lives when he was a boy because of his warning to his people not to play Mr. and Mrs. Model Citizen to the Nazis. The group was the vicious enemy of his people. He next had to deal with a Communist dictatorship. He probably learned a great deal from surviving the previous vicious group. All of this, and George is the kind of person that shrugs his shoulders and moves on with his life: if only the rest of us could be so strong.

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